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Change of Circumstances - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Change of Circumstances

All about money
Yes, it's a tough existence. Absolutely is. I care for her sometimes, she cares for me. She's the official carer but it makes very little difference. Neither of our efforts to help one another and given any credence, or acknowledgement. Caring is only really "real" as far as this society is concerned if it is done in an institution, and people have some kind of qualification, and there is a logo and a corporate declration of ethics. People don't really by and large care about the ethics, just that they like to see an official document, which ramps on about we will do this and we promise that.

Ordinary people caring for one another through adversity. Well as you no doubt know that's largely something which people don't respect, or give a damn about, in this country. I believe people have been encouraged to be nasty.

What I would say is this, as it might help someone who reads this.

Foraging is a great way to bring in highly nutritious foodstuffs, for absolutely nothing other than the expenditure of time.

In my area they run regular foraging courses and crazily they are dominated by well-fed middle-class people that have plenty of money to spend.

This is the reverse snobbery of some poor people. "I'm not eating common weeds" and ahahahahaha. Anyway, I got into foraging a few years ago becaiuse of Capita awarding me 0 points and being plunged into adversity so that a bourgeois narcissist could have my money for their expensive lifestyle and cocaine habit.

You don't have to attend a course and get sneered at by other bourgeosie jUST BUY a Collins gem and get out there and before you know it youll have a rucksaclk every day full of some amzing foodstuffs that absolutely swat-out the crap that gets hawked in the supermarket.

At the time of being 0-pointed by the Class Traitor in the designer gear paid for by stealing money from the disabled... I wrote to the lovcal MP and said I had been forced to forage for food... but I knew, given his proclivities, he'd be enoying that one, would be having a laugh about it, so I let him have it, because, me being a bigger man than he is, a generally more decent and unembittered human being, no matter what you put me through I won't embrace the hatey ways.

So yeah... foraging... absolutely recommend it to everyone. Occasionally you'll get lucky and find something that'll put the rainbows inbto your eyes. And these days, with how bleak everything is, that's no bad thing.
Just to add because... could be seen as contentious and insensitive...

I would also be horrified is local Job Centre Plus' were calling in disabled people and carers and demanding that they undertook foraging courses... in order to mitigate the next rounds of benefits cuts... I'd also be outraged and doing terrible things in the toilets and car parks...


if you can, if you think you can get out there and do a bit of foraging

what I am saying is please by crikey go for it

I would be especially pleased if people found local courses and attended them

because like I say, these courses are domintaed by and large by the well-fed complacent bourgeoisie, and so a great opportunity to mix with them, and ley them know a little about the oppressive society they turn a blind eye to...

and at the same time learn about the amazing foodstuffs out there, that can be gathered for free
the other thing I would highly recommend is shaming food banks

particularly the bourgeois christians that run them

it is important to shame food banks and the bourgeois christians that run them because they are normalising and assisting the hatey politics

and remember jesus was about love and kindess and compassion

esus wasn;t about food banks, although he was about charity

charity isn't a tin of beans and a pot noodle. that is humiliation.

charity is about true sharing

so it is time indeed it is to shame the christian food banks

well all the food banks, whatever the religious foundtaion

shame them all
Mark, enjoying your posts mate. Its good get bit of different worldview on here! B)

On your point, if its contributory/New Style ESA ESA then don't see how you'd have go on to UC, I think you are thinking of income-based ESA?
If you already get benefits

Universal Credit will replace the following benefits :

Child Tax Credit
Housing Benefit
Income Support
income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)
income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
Working Tax Credit
That's strange. And perhaps the first time that being in receipt of contribution ESA stands as an advantage.

I'll have a chat later with the local council. There's a woman down there who is the mastermind of benefits. If you are right that contribution ESA isnt affected then that takes a huge worry out of the equation.

Much thanks. All the digressions are a kind of panic! Thanks for being patient.
Food for free by richard mabey, great book.
Well, I'm back. Food For Free is indeed a great book and the very Collins gem that opened my eyes.

Me and The Boss made it through and worked things out.

And now I am having a Carer's Assessment. Social services rang and did the "say hello, wave goodbye" number on me, and I wasn't expecting their call, and The Boss was in the same room, so I rambled on about this and that and t'other, and when she goes, "We can't do anything to help you" I was caught off guard and saying, "thank you".

So I rang them back the next day and they gave me the direct number of the social worker in question.

Also I got referred to a local carer's charity and they are assessing my/our needs very soon. And I get free access to Carers UK online resources, some of which Ive found very helpful, and it brings me back here. Small world innit?

And it looks like The Boss is going to be supported in applying for PIP. I've made a lot of subject access requests to get as much info as possible. Might need to hire a van to deliver the lot in person.

Will be interesting to see where Capita would like to do their assessment of The Boss. I told them if they called me back in to their centre I'd make a Citizen's Arrest. They then refused to come here... so's I served a legal letter on them. And they backed down.

Bullies are always cowards behind the masks.

Best wishes all.