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All about money
I'm just renewing M's cinema card today, and thought it might be worth mentioning here.

If you are in receipt of Disability Living Allowance, Attendance Allowance, Personal Independence Payment, Blind Persons Registration, or Armed Forces Independence Payment, you should be eligible. Registration is annual, costs £6 plus a photo, entitles you to free admission to cinemas.

Google "CEA Cinema Card" and you will find full details and a downloadable application form.
Thanks for this we have just applied for one as cinema trips are one of the few things my mom still just about enjoys.
This is a great thing to have, BB, well done for putting it up! Ours has just come up for renewal as well.

My son pays just under £17 a month for a Cineworld membership card (I think other large chains do a similar thing) which means he can see as many films a month as he wants to, and as I don't have to pay for my ticket we generally go once a week and it means it's only costing a little over £4 for both of us to go. We take our own drinks and snacks (and sometimes lunch or dinner!) although I have heard that some cinemas don't allow this.

It really helps when you want to try something new as well; if you had to fork out £20 for two tickets only to have to leave after ten minutes it would really put you off going but when you know it only works out to the equivalent of a few pounds it's not so bad :)
Does the card include entry for a carer with the holder?
Yes. Just ask Google to find it for you.
Emma_1507123 wrote:Does the card include entry for a carer with the holder?
Do you mean the Cineworld card, Emma? The CEA card is the one that covers the carer; it's pretty much universal and I think all the big cinema chains accept it but you would need to check with small independent cinemas as someone did tell me they couldn't use it at their local one which was privately owned. The CEA card covers any carer to go in with the person who has the disability so it doesn't have to be the same carer each time.

The Cineworld card is just for the person whose card it is (if that makes sense) so in our case my son pays for the Cineworld card out of his DLA each month (direct debit) and I have the carers card. I do find Cineworld really easy; you can book online which means you can choose your seats and book up in advance (it's much easier for us to be by the aisle in case we have to leave). You do have to pay a bit extra if you want to watch in 3D but after the first year 3D is included on the card as well. There are various upgrades for different sorts of seats as well but that all gets a bit complicated for me; I just want to park my bum somewhere :) The staff are always really friendly and helpful and there is something a bit naughty about sneaking off to the cinema in the middle of the afternoon! :)