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Cash bonus to give carers a break, Lib Dems promise - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Cash bonus to give carers a break, Lib Dems promise

All about money
CLEGG has said it is the families responsibility to care does this man not realise it is not the families responsibility to care at all .. the State/ N.H.S. G.P`s local authorities have a duty of care for the elderly / young disabled ..

Mr Clegg suggested that most would want to use the money to arrange alternative care, allowing them to take a break from their family responsibilities.
He's living in Cloud Cuckoo Land. My husband and I cared for his parents three miles in one direction, mine the same distance in the other. His parents, bowel cancer, heart failure, and Alzheimers were supported solely by us until MIL was admitted to a secure care home. Similarly mine never had help either, dad died of prostate cancer before they got round to providing anything! After major surgery, I was expected to resume caring for mum less than 48 hours after being discharged from hospital after major surgery, as well as caring for my disabled son. Politicians don't seem to realise that most caring falls on one member of the family, and they need MORE support, not less!!!
we do care out of love for our elderly / young disabled family members but we don't have DUTY OF CARE we care for them because the state cant / wont provide the standard of care we expect from health care professionals ... the new bonus will be of little help for me as I retire in 2016 ... with new single tier pension worth £150 per week and with my other pensions that mature I will be fine, I already have 2 occupational pensions that I am claiming now but as a result my carers allowance is reduced by income tax the carers allowance should be tax free like many other benefits are .... and I don't mind being a pensioner carer without the carers allowance .....
Yes, I pay income tax on my CA too due to an occupational pension, but I can only try to imagine what it must be like for someone who is relying on CA, and CA alone, to survive. Apparently a pensioner (or adult) needs £17k to maintain a reasonable life (saw that in the Daily Hail, Sexpress, Torygraph or some other headline last week at the newsagents) .. obviously it depends on where you live, whether you own your home or pay rent, whether you have a spouse or share accommodation etc. but it probably isn't that far off the mark. To me and you, George, CA is the jam on the cake: can you imagine for one moment what it must be like trying to live on £62 per week?
Our household budget for three adults is more than £62 every day, (£22,630 per annum) just on basics like mortgage, car loan, fuel, council tax, food, entertainment, holidays, clothes and insurance, and I honestly have no idea how some folk manage. :o It makes me mad that anyone thinks that is a fair remuneration for caring :angry:
Clegg is a desperate, insignificant little man.
B) Yes, but I'll take whatever is going, and add it to the rather complicated pot of help available.
If I add up the total value to this household for my son of DLA, ESA, CA, free bus pass and companion bus pass, free supported college place 4 days a week, Direct Payments from social work to pay for social support, free companion film pass, and a a few other random dribs and drabs like respite grants, it isn't actually that insignificant. I'm not going to put a price on it, but if I had to pay for that lot it wouldn't fall far short of £30k. And it might be quite a lot more. Not of course that we don't also pay a lot of tax, my wife works full time and I pay tax on my pension and earnings, plus all the other indirect taxes we pay like VAT and fuel duty. Swings and roundabouts. Still, every little bit extra helps. B)
I find all these sorts of gimmicky things really patronising. Pay carer's proper wages, or provide their loved ones with the care they need, at home or outside the home, depending on their situaiton, and none of us need to do any of this. This is the odious little man who has sat behind Cameron with his mouth shut and his brain shut down whilst they've decimated the benefits system and cut funding in every which way they can, whilst ensuring the corporate tax avoiders carry on avoiding their taxes and encouraging a free for all in the press to demonise the disabled as lazy scroungers. It comes down simply to equal opportunities and neither sick or disabled people, or their carers, have those. It's pot luck whether you get help or not, often depending on which area you live in and what sort of health condition your loved one has.
Well, yes and no. Caring is like any other occupation: you can get better at it the more you learn about it. A start-up law graduate might expect to bring home £25k, an experienced lawyer, £150k. Caring is very similar: I consider myself an expert carer after 25 years in the saddle, and I'm keen to pass on my expertise to anyone who wants to listen. There is no gravy train, but you dont have to hitch hike, you can catch the express train, if you get my drift. I'm speaking as someone who blagged two tickets to the Womad festival for the price of one, (a saving of £120) and two tickets to the boxing finals of the Commonwealth games for the price of one as well (another £40). Most people wouldn't even bother to ask for the Carer freebie: I always do. Suddenly things that appear beyond our reach become affordable. But you have to ask.
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Well, I am not going to slag Clegg off for his little bribe to carers, that would be churlish. Sure, what I really want is a decent universal citizens income for all with no means test and an end to all these stupid concessions and complex benefits, but the only political party offering that is the Green Party, which is why I pay my subs every month to them. In the meantime, unless you lot all vote Green like me, we are basically left with taking whatever crumbs off the table we can get.