Cash bonus to give carers a break, Lib Dems promise

All about money
Quite right Eun!

There's a focus by government in getting people into work but that isn't always possible as you say; in your case who takes up the caring role if you're at work and at what cost?

I work full time and have found it so hard that I'm currently off work due to stress, but have used the time to get help from my local Carer's Trust and put in a request for flexible working. I cannot afford to give up work but I'm fortunate that my wife doesn't need 24/7 care.
Well if the Lib-Dems promise, a 'cash bonus to give Carers a break' What can go wrong?
That nice Mr Clegg, would never go back on his word. (Yeah right)
Give carers legal right to five days extra leave a year says former health minister

Carers should have a legal right to up five days special leave a year to help prevent them being forced to give up work, says Paul Burstow, the former care minister
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