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Cash bonus to give carers a break, Lib Dems promise - Carers UK Forum

Cash bonus to give carers a break, Lib Dems promise

All about money
Well seen party conferences coming soon, followed by elections next year. I would be banned if I posted up my thoughts about this.
Clegg’s election promise to give one million people £250 to spend as they wish as reward for 'extraordinary’ contribution
A million carers would be given a £250 bonus from the Government, to allow them to take short respite breaks, under plans set out by Nick Clegg.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Liberal Democrat leader said his party will fight next year’s general election on a promise of extra money for people who care full-time for elderly or disabled relations.
The bonus would be available to anyone who has been receiving Carer’s Allowance for at least a year – around one million people in all
read in full here

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politic ... omise.html

in the words of mr del trotter sniff sniff i smell bull***t.
“carer’s bonus”, initially worth £125 per year and rising to £250 per year by 2020.
It'll be funded out of the extra money generated from the university tuition fees.

Lib Dems and promises? Yeah right.
Can't see any of this happening, if in some parallel world lib dems did get back in, the amount is so small more or less it'll be used to offset bed room tax, which most of our carers are getting hammered with.
How can we go for a break when there is no respite for our son - are we supposed to leave him in the house alone and helpless whilst we go gallivanting off somewhere? Ain't gonna happen. Anyway hopefully we Scots will have our freedom by then and won't have to put up with Westminster crap any longer.

I for one hope that CARERS UK for once defend carers and support them with a statement to the media ... this "CARERS BONUS" from NICK CLEGG is both cynical & patronising it will be worth just £125 in the first year from 2016 rising to £250 in 2020 that's a massive £10 per month as carers we are entitled to the carers allowance of just £61 per week some £13 lower then the unemployment benefit even with the extra £2-50p per week we are still far behind the unemployed and yes we also pay for our prescriptions..... CARERS UK PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING AND RAISE THE REAL ISUUES SURROUNDING CARERS WE NEED A HIGHER CARERS ALLOWANCE WE DESERVE "SOMETHING FOR SOMETHING" AND NOT "SOMETHING FOR NOTHING"..... NICK CLEGG even has the audacity to talk of the savings that carers make he quotes the usual figure of 120 billion saved for the N.H.S yet he has the nerve top reward and recognise cares with a bonus of £125 per year .... please fight our corner, don't come forward with that well know saying which I`m afraid carers are rather sick and tired of " CARERS UK WELCOME THIS MOVE " make my day say the right thing tell the public via the media , may I suggest the Daily Mirror that the bonus is of little use to carers who need a decent allowance fit for purpose ..... I wonder if this bonus replaces the Christmas bonus we receive now if it does the new bonus is worth just £115 per year-- it wont affect me as I retire in 2016-- thank God
Cant help feeling this is a response to Alex Salmond's promise to raise Carers Allowance to the rate of Jobseekers, worth some £600 per annum to all carers. Great, a bidding war, let's double or twist!
George, merged your post here :)
Alex Salmond`s pledge can only be implemented if he either gets yes vote ( which he wont ) or the Westminster government allow the Scottish parliament to change the welfare benefits , having said that the total amount of carers in Scotland is about 100-000 and they have been promised parity with the unemployed CLEGGS cynical patronising bonus is worth just £2-50p per week some £13 behind the unemployment benefit .....
The clown claims that the carer could use the money as they see fit .....
they could pay for themselves to have a break respite care for mother ( if we cant use the M.O.D ) is £1-200 per week or we could pay for a cleaner to clean the home on minimum wage 40 hours is near enough £250 no change from the £125 ...
we could hire a care assistant 40 hours at £10 an hour £400 ...and this would be help for just one week out of 52 the mans a fool ...

The bonus would be paid in cash to carers, who would be free to spend it as they wished.

Mr Clegg suggested that most would want to use the money to arrange alternative care, allowing them to take a break from their family responsibilities. “Our carers live lives the rest of us would find almost impossible to imagine and respite means different things to different people. Some carers might use the money to hire a care assistant to help them out for a week. Others might put it towards getting away themselves, or pay for a cleaner to come to their home.

“Books, music, clothes, a day out with loved ones. Carers should be able to spend the money however they see fit. What matters to me is that we do whatever we can to show our thanks and ease the pressure the nation’s carers face.”