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Carers holiday allowance

All about money
I have a question related to benefits and respite. Has anyone ever heard of a carer being given money to help with holiday or respite from your local council.
I have Cerebral Palsy and my mother suffers with pulmonary fibrosis. I am 22 and was told by a friend she receives money off her local council for respite or holiday up to £500 pounds... it isn't from family funds though and her son is under 18 but has anyone heard of anything like this for adults??
I'm under Rushmoor council and my mum who has been carer to me all my life has never heard of anything like this.

Thanks Dani
Welcome to the forum, is Rushmoor in Hampshire or Surrey. I've camped with my family steam roller at the showground when they used to have steam rallies there, but can't remember which county it's in.
Hello Dani,

The grant you are referring to is a bit of a postcode lottery (like so much is these days !). Some Carers here have reported being able to get one whilst others have no such scheme in their area !

Try googling "grants for carers holidays" together with your area, you should get a few hits - or your could try looking on this website https://www.turn2us.org.uk/ - also have a look on your local council website (probably under Adult Services).

Good Luck :)
Hi Daniella
This is something you should discuss and express an interest in at your Carers Assessment with Social Services. They will tell you whether there is funding available in your area.
Hi All,
I was told by the DWP that if I went for respite I would loose my carer's allowance. If you look close on the internet by just putting holidays for the disabled and carer's. They is charities that will assist with respite for both disabled and carer. The conditions are laid down so read. I hope I may have been some assistance.