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Carers Grants

All about money
found all information out about the carers grants from now you will get between 100 and 500 pound to help instead of the three individual payments our carers centre and council have started this from this year
Are these grants same as the carers direct payment and am not meaning direct payment for the person who is cared for seen info on site and says carers can have direct payments to enable them to do things
I had help, it's a new thing, called a 'Personal Budget' it came from my local Carers Centre.

I was awarded £300, It was only to be used by me, to enable me to be away from my caring role, doing things I enjoy, - I used mine for Theatre trips, meals out, had my hair & nails done a couple of times, and even managed a day trip on a train! I had 6 months to spend it, then had to send in all receipts.

I have asked and apparently it is supposed to be rolled out across England, so well worth keeping in touch with your local Carers Centre.
yes our carers centre are doing these grants from now
Any Carers who live in the Hull City Council area I have the leaflets in pdf format to apply for the Carers Direct Payment if you email me I will send you them as we are not allowed to put them on here or http://www.carerscentrehull.org.uk ours say that you can have up to £250.00 for the carers use only eg days away,hairdressers etc all you need to do is keep all the receipts which they need back to account for the money used hope this helps. Image
When I had my carers assessment, I was asked if there was anything I would like TO HELP ME IN MY CARING ROLE. I mentioned a holiday, but was offered practical things like a cleaner (my house isn't dirty but is cluttered with some of my brother's things, as I'm clearing and selling his house). So I'd like to know if they were right to say it should be something practical, when I'd like it to be something for me personally, of my choosing?
I had my assessment on weds and i was given a list of what you can or can not spend the money on you can have holidays things you could not spend it on was household bills
Charles -

I'm in North Yorkshire area and they offered me this grant at time of Carer's Assessment.
It was a one-off payment to be used for me, not to help with caring or household costs but some kind of treat to either pamper yourself or help with a hobby/interest. I had money towards a Kindle. North Yorkshire are pretty tight so I've not heard of anything approaching £500 (I was given £100) but I expect that varies from area to area.

I think your Care Co-ordinator/Social Worker should offer it to you, if they don't then ask. This time of year is a good time to ask as they have a limited amount and if they've run out before the end of financial year it's tough luck.

Lesley x