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Carers face income cut under new increased minimum wage -Carers UK Forum

Carers face income cut under new increased minimum wage

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A new minimum wage has come into force this month, with the hourly rate going from £6.31 to £6.50.

It might sound like good news, but the reality is more complicated.

If you care for a friend or relative and also work part-time, the increase could cost you more than £60 per week.

Moneybox presenter Paul Lewis explained the catch to BBC Breakfast presenters Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt.
watch video here
If the earnings threshhold for CA isn't raised in line with the weekly earnings after minimum wage rise then people would do well to follow Scallys advice and discount the surplus.
Just a little question. I don't think I will ever get an answer. Not from any government in power. The question is. Will they ever respect or recognise the carer? We save them money but they kick every time your asked. By the Jobcenter or DWP. That's my moan for the day. :-???
As a Carer this really makes me so annoyed that my carers allowance might be cut, when I cant go out to work. So what will happen? can some one please explain. I am a Full time carer of my Disabled Husband. This Government have no idea at all. They need to spend a few days in carers homes to see what exactly us poor carers get up to each day. Its not a question of sitting down drinking tea sll day long. I dont have a rest at all and will die of exhaustion and a broken heart. Amandah
I as a carer fulltime for my wife she has M.S., (remit and relapse weeks ago) have found that it has got harder. The government praise in a way a carer then they kick them by not paying them a living benefit. We save the government and councils a fortune. Do we get assistance? No, just carry on and don't make waves, if you do we will cut your benefits.
Misleading and partial information being presented by the BBC, and I have little doubt that this contributed to people not bothering to claim CA. Once again, it is vital that we campaign on two fronts:

Firstly, to abolish the unfair earnings threshold of £102 completely. It is unfair and discriminates against those who work in favour of those who have an unearned income such as a pension or investment income. (We could ask for a graduated taper, but in practice this would be highly complex to administer)

Secondly to make more carers aware of the loopholes, so that more of us invest in private pension savings plans, which reduce assessed income at a rate of 2:1 - save £2 tax free into a private pension plan and deduct £1 of this from your income for Carers Allowance purposes.

It is even better now that you can release money from your small private pension pot whenever you choose from April 2015.