Carers Assessment - Financial assessment

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I hope someone here will be able to help help me please.

I have been full time caring for my husband for the last year, before he came home I had a meeting with his social worker to work out a care plan and someone came out from the council to do a financial assessment. The assessment only took into account his income (benefits) and what little capital we had at the time. It has now been suggested that I have a carers assessment, with this I believe that there will be another assessment. My question is, as it is my carers assessment, will they look at my income and my capital (alone) or will they look at our joint income/capital?

Just the thought of assessments etc is making me feel quite queezy, it all just seems a bit of a minefield. The only real support I really need/want is support for me to get to my own hospital appointments.... is it really worth the stress of going through an assessment for this?
What ages are you both, please?
Would either of you qualify for PIP or Attendance Allowance, do you know?