Carers assessment

For information and discussion about benefits
Have had carers assessment what would be my rights? What can I claim?
From up top ... Help and Advice section : ... assessment

Downloadable factsheet available ... 28 pages ... opens as a PDF. file.
Thanks Chris, had read that article, but would be handy if council gave out a booklet
to simplify things!
LA booklet on CAs ?

No two LAs interpret CAs in the same way !

What may be on the menu in one is not in the neighbouring one. Same with charges ... a few free , most with a price tag , and different prices at that.

Post code lottery at it's finest !

Let us know how you get on.

Your experiences will assist others with that marathon in the pipeline.

Good luck ... you may need a degree of that .... together with a sense of black humour ... trust me on that one !