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PIP refusal... then PIP SUCCESS

All about money
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well after waiting 10 weeks then another 2 after an assessment we get letter refuing my OH claim for PIP, because he can feed and clothe his self and can "plan a route" it is rediculous the stress they put you under to have assessment. As he has just been told now that he has early onset dementia with lewy bodies it is not going to get any better but still no help, we are in the support group of ESA as a couple, so I can't claim carers allowance or go to work, so are we forever to live on £362.40 a fortnight? it's not easy and this news is just a double blow in a week, how does everyone else cope on benefits and are we missing something,
I have an appointment with our gp next Tuesday without OH to discuss his condition and i am going to see if he will support our appeal for PIP. anyone been through the appeal process?
Hi Petal,
Definitely appeal, make sure you do it immediately as there are strict time limits. You can always send supporting information later. Also ask for a copy of all the documents on which the decision was based. I've been through the process, and attended a number of tribunals too, don't be afraid to go all the way. My friend used to work for the DWP, and has been appalled at the way experienced staff are being made redundant, replaced by staff with as little as 6 weeks training, who make decisions based on a computer screen. The computer however is using an out of date system which doesn't allow for special circumstances. When I was disabled after a car accident, the doctor's report was largely a work of fiction, even saying that I could walk from the Waitrose car park into the store (300 yards). In fact the car park was only 6 feet away from the store, and I was in so much pain I couldn't even walk all the way round inside the shop!!! I know it's difficult, but try not to worry too much. There are lots of people here who have been in a similar situation, and ultimately been granted the right benefits.
thanks for the support bowlingbun, I will see if gp will give me a letter giving consultants diagnoses, problem is every letter he charges £20 unless the DWP ask for details directly. I know that may sound a poultry sum but it all adds up. I sometimes feel what is the point, and do i really need the extra stress these buracrats cause us. I will fight the decision, it is just so draining emotionally.
Petal, many carers say that the most difficult part of being a carer is not the caring itself, but dealing with "officialdom".
Definately get in the letter of your intent to appeal. The rest of the arguements can follow on later, but make sure you have copies of everything, and if possible a witness to any telephone calls you make.

I am in Scotland too, and the number of cases which are refused without good reason is astounding, but lets face it, it keeps these folks in work sorting out the appeals. Just a pity they can`t get it right the first time. Also remember the person dealing with the claim at first level seldom has any medical knowledge.

Hope you get sorted soon. We are all right here at your back.xx
Poppett mentions "at the first level". The people who read you initial claim have little training. Every time you appeal (DWP may use words like "review" but it's still an appeal to me) then the case is handled by a more experienced person. So by the time the case reaches a tribunal it will have been looked at by someone with real training and detailed knowledge. It's a bit like a set of steps. Hope that helps.
My wife hasn't been assessed for PIPs. If it was as bad as getting the ESA. I agree as carer the worst thing is being accepted as a carer and not unemployed. I've been a carer for over 33 years some I worked full time. The due to circumstances my wife and the employment suggested I take up the full care. She has MS 41 years. The thing is how do we cope? Good luck to all.
Bernard yes i agree it is stressful and what gets to me is as OH full time carer i do not get asked the questions at the medical assessments, it is really annoying as hubby goes with a positive attitude that he is ok! which he clearly is not, i think these assessments are made hard in the hope the claiment will think sod it i can't be bothered to fight them, but you really must get our point across, I looked over the PIP medical assessment report and compared it with the ESA fit for work medical report and found so many differences, the wrok one was more accurate, I have today posted my letter to PIP asking them to re examine evidence, (not classed as an appeal) so will see what happens, Oh one thing .... get POA for health and finance for your wife, at least you have some say then.
will keep everyone posted
Good luck with your next step Petal. Good that you have found paperwork to back you up.xx
Hi folks just a quick update,
have spoken to our gp who is very supportive, and he is willing to backup our claim, sorry I am in the habit of saying "our" now even if it just concerns OH. I rang the PIP dept at the begining of the week...I posted the request to look at claim again on the 19th of Jan and was told this, Oh yes we received your letter on the 29th, and it has been passed to the decision maker for reveiw, I told them our doctor would be happy to discuss it with them and the operator at other end said yes we know coz it was in your letter, I asked how much longer it would take considering the claim originally went in on 21 October.... reply... we have a back log of 9 weeks... well that will take us into April says I, mmmm yes she said, but it probablly won't take that long! Ha ha I thought, You will have payment backdated she said! well flipping woopy do! I can't claim carers allowance till PIP awarded so am loosing out as that won't be backdated will it?
So the wait goes on, grrrrr.
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