Wife still on DLA. No letter about PIP.

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My wife is still on DLA & has not received a PIP letter yet. Should she have received one yet ? I thought everyone should have received one by now.
Don't worry, I believe it's being rolled out slowly across the country, area by area. As long as you are getting the DLA, you will be told when the changeover in your area begins. I believe that if you are either approaching or just past retirement age, you will remain on DLA?
I care for my 2 adult sons. One was changed over to PIP around 6 months ago and the other hasn't had a letter yet. I thought too, it was all supposed to have changed over by September 2017 but as always, they will be behind! The assessments are stressful. I'm having to take my 2 sons to 4 different assessment, one each for PIP and one each for their ESA will be glad when it's all over. Take care :)
Some of you may find this of interest.
It includes a list of future changes.

https://www.disabilityrightsuk.org/how- ... ts-changes