Confusion regarding work

All about money
So after finally finding a job with a lovely 10hr contract, seems perfect.

I’m just a little confused.. I would be earning around an extra £80 per week😆😆😆 does that mean I’m entitled to keep my Carers allowance and income support or would I lose the income support?

Whilst I’d really love the job and feeling like I’m part of society I don’t think it would be worth my while after I pay travel costs etc.

Thanks for reading
Hi X.

A few variables to contend with ... one for the Carers UK Advice Team for a full sp : ... ours-31206

Given the volumes handled , best by email.

In the interim , have you crunched the numbers through an Online benefits calculator ?

Universal Credit ( UC ) ... already / to be rolled out on your manor ?

Any other income related benfits beyond IS ?

Housing benefit ?

Working Tax Credits ( WTC ) ... an area worth exploring :

If on UC already , WTCs cannot be claimed at the same time ... so much for the work incentitive ?
I would be earning around an extra £80 per week.

I will assume in addition to CA + IS as opposed to an increase in an existing wage ?

CA + £ 80 per week earned income ... fine ( Limit being £ 120 ) ... IS element would be reduced.

IS ... important to report ANY change : ... cumstances

Enough for now ... benefits calaculator / advice team ... and Bob's your uncle !