actually scottish government only making a "" top up "" and NOT paying carers allowance fully.

they are to pay £8.50 a week top up to roughly 75.000 carers costing 30 million a year .
two payments a year of £221 total £442 a year .
we are only to get one payment this year of £221 ONLY if you were paid carers allowance on April 16th as their "" qualifying date "" and not everyone will get the payment next month , some may not get anything until October / November. this was supposed to have been paid "" early summer "" summer is over with.

UK will still continue to pay Carers allowance at full rate , along with Income support ( if you currently claim income support as a top up ontop of carers allowance ) .

so in my case what i will get over a years 2 payments works out to be £5.60 extra , compared to a monthly total from the UK gov. uk still paying the main amount of money