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Carers allowance/state pension

All about money
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G Fraser_1612 wrote:
Wed Jul 25, 2018 4:55 pm
Just a thought peeps.

I understand that you can choose not to take one's state's pension (and gain small premium when it is taken) at state pensionable age. IF one did this could one still receive CA?

I am thinking of where a small private pension be matured so that with CA and it be just as well postponing date?

Apologies if this totally naîve! :-???
Nice idea G, but not allowed. There's various Google bits about it. Because if you are receiving CA it's not allowed to let your state pension build up by deferring it. So you have to take state pension at retirement age if you have been on carers allowance. So no point in not claiming pension on your milestone birthday or SPA (state pension age) date.
On the Martin Lewis site there's a thread from someone who did defer, but 6 months later they reclaimed her carers and back dated her pension instead, so she 'lost' the extra she thought she'd been accruing
Deferring your state pension simply means not claiming it until after your retirement age. ...

While you're in receipt of certain benefits – including income support, carer's allowance, incapacity benefit, and universal credit – you can't build up extra state pension through deferral.
bowlingbun wrote:
Wed Jul 25, 2018 8:36 pm
My son rents privately His deposit amounted to a month's rent, if I remember rightly. I don't think he had a guarantor. Are you dealing with a letting agency? As a vulnerable adult the Housing Benefit can be paid directly from the council to the landlord, on the day it's due, so no real need for a guarantor.
How much support will she need. Has she had an assessment to cover this situation?
thank you Bowlingbun. We are seeking LA or housing association flat or small house as they are usually much better maintained than private rentals around here. we live in a very large village and it would be ideal if she could stay here because we could help them out, if she has a problem we are close to hand and they would need help dealing with bills etc. We are also on a bus route which a lot of places around here are not. Most of the rental properties around here are owned by a local businessman and they are every poorly maintained as my hubby has been in many of them and seen what they are like.
That's a shame, there are lots of lovely privately rentable places where I live.
Yep ... several months ago ... SNP came good on their manifesto.

Having said that , the eligibility for CA remained unchanged.

If repeated in England , it would only benefit 1 in 14 of family carers.

Change the eligibility and ... a whole new ball game.

Return wise , more family carers would benefit from free public transport ... even though the million + senior citizens amongst our ranks already qualify for a Twirly card.
bowlingbun wrote:
Fri Jul 27, 2018 4:35 pm
That's a shame, there are lots of lovely privately rentable places where I live.
Lucky you! around here there is nothing any good under £600 a month.

I got the social worker to speak to the Housing Association and Council and apparently there's nothing “personal” about the allocation process. The computer offers a property to someone on the main list which are often Homeless people. If nobody on there wants it it is then offered, again by computer to someone on the Housing Options list. I’m not sure I believe that actually.

My daughter and her boyfriend would be great tenants as they are both very particular and clean and with support from us they would pay all their bills on time.

They are getting fed up and so am I as its all they go on about and its draining me.
Pennie, M lives within a stone's throw of the New Forest National Park boundary, his rent for a one bed flat is about £550 a month. That is more or less covered by Housing Benefit. As there are two of them, your daughter and partner should be able to afford the £600 a month rent, if they are on benefits.
Are you sure you have explored Housing Benefit entitlement fully?
If I remember rightly your daughter has Down's Syndrome, which is a "severe mental impairment" so she would be exempt from Council Tax.
Housing Allowance ?

Bassetlaw my local LA ... maximum of £ 72.72 per week for a one bedroom property.

Calendar month ... £ 315.12 ... towards the rent.

( 2 bedroomed ... £ 92.98 per week / £ 402.01 per calendar month ... upto £ 145.43 per week / 632.36 per calendar month for a 4 bedroomed property ... not many of those around ... the few have all been converted into multi occupancy BTLs. )

Even here , one bedroomed flats are £ 400+ per month ... already a £ 84.98 monthly shortfall for any prospective tenant on full HB.

No wonder our letting agents are cutting back to the bone ?

If Penny wants to explore that route , best to check the local level of HA first ?

Post code checker for your LA's HA rates :

Daughter and boyfriend think they have found a private rental property just a two minute walk from us. They will need a lot of support from us with organising and paying bills and if they have any fallings out which I am sure there will be. He works but doesnt earn very much but neither of them smoke at all or drink much so they should be able to manage. My daughter gets DLA and ESA.

I wondered what people thought about whether we should put both names on paperwork or is there anything else I should do. AFAIK no guarantor is needed and they just have to give a months deposit. My husband went to view it with them and he says it is really nice and will be perfect for them.

I would have preferred a council property as I think you have better security and the rent is cheaper but they want to get their own place now and won’t wait.

I have always managed my daughter’s money and she has a healthy amount in her bank account and I am keen to keep it that way because her boyfriend is hopeless with money and I have spent the last 18 months getting him out of debt and on top of his bills. She cannot do even basic maths and would not be able to understand bills at all sadly. If they had access to her bank card they would spend it all on meals out, cinema, DVDs etc and she would be left with nothing for emergencies.

Any other advice gratefully received as this is a HUGE step for us all. thanks.
Hi Penny.

One though that struck me was joining in on the paperwork.

Fraught with problems if ever a joint and several relationship was established ... especially in the BTL tenancy paperwork or bank accounts.

In short , if things go pear shaped , the one with the assets usually picks up the pieces ... and the debt / related problems.

A case of sink or swim ... every concerned parents' nightmare but ... at some stage , that is the only real option ?

One needs to stop being a parent / guardian ... and then see what the siblings are made of ?

Failure can be a great learning curve ... if they learn from it.

One tip on the tenancy front ... following my own work with local letting agents / BTL landlords ... a prepayment meter ?

If so , best check that it does NOT go through the landlord's meter first.