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Carers allowance/state pension

All about money
I’m not too far off getting my state pension but currently get Carers Allowance for looking after my special needs daughter.

Just been reading that once you get your pension you cant get carers allowance.

I will still be caring for her so how does that work?
Once the State Pension kicks in , wave goodbye to Carers Allowance :

Your benefits

If you receive State Pension or certain other benefits paid at a rate that is the same or more than Carer's Allowance, you may not receive payment of Carer's Allowance but may have what is called an 'underlying entitlement'.

Payment of Carer's Allowance is taken into account when calculating income-related benefits and Pension Credit.

However, if you receive Carer's Allowance or have underlying entitlement to it, you will qualify for the carer premium in any Income Support, Employment and Support Allowance (Income Related), income-based Jobseeker's Allowance or Universal Credit that you are entitled to.

If you get Housing Benefit, the Housing Executive (for tenants) or Land & Property Services (for owner-occupiers), will include an amount for the carer premium when they work out how much Housing Benefit you can get.

Claiming Carer's Allowance can also affect the amount of Pension Credit you receive. If you get Pension Credit, the amount used to work out how much you are entitled to is increased by £34.95

In essence , when qualifying for two " Benefits " ... state pension and carers allowance ... only one will be paid ... the state pension as it is the higher of the two ... the infamous overlapping benefit rule.

Needless to add , a contraversal Issue that appears all too frequently on many carer forums over the years.

To date , this Issue has not been raised directly in the House ... a search of Hansards as so revealed.

Probably will not even be mentioned in the forthcoming Carers Strategy ... unless , of course , carers are invited to comment BEFORE whatever policies are announced.
This stems from the infamously INCORRECT definition of a pension as a 'benefit'.

NO IT IS NOT. It's no more a 'benefit' than a private pension is! It's something we have PAID INTO, and therefore are simply 'collecting', just like we do with a private pension.

Unless we die before pensionable age, we will ALL get a state pension (because we ALL pay in) (if we don't we don't get the pension!). ie, it is entirely 'forecastable', other than dying prematurely.

However, being a carer is NOT 'forecastable'.....most of us will not end up as carers, any more than most of us won't end up unemployed, etc. THAT is why Carers Allowance truly is a 'benefit'. UNLIKE a state pension.

Obviously, government won't see it that way - all they want is to have tax money (whether from NI or elsewhere) to waste on themselves.
This is just the latest way in which I have been robbed of my full pension.

I am one of the ones born after april 1953 and I have had my pension date pushed back and back.I am due to receive it in March This year. Now have been told they will take my carers allowance of me. So in effect I am paying £62.50 per week towards my pension.

I am a carer for my husband who was Medically retired through cronic & severe PTSD and associated problems.
Due tio healt being so bad I stopped work in 1999, to make sure he was afe at all times. I never claimed Incapacity benefit, as I wasn't ill. I had never heard of DLA etc and nobody ever told us about it. This was despite my husband having to attend checks ups with the DWP to make sure he was still ill. No onne contacted us about any other benefits we made have entitled to.

A chance conversation in 2013 led to us applying for DLA. This we eventually got this after an appeal against the initial decision. This meant from then I got national insurance credits again.

The offset of me finishing work in 1999 and not claiming carers allowance means my insurance credits only allow me a pension of £100.00 per week.Thats is about £55.00 lesss than full pension.

So I have lost out everyway.

My husband though is suffering from a Mental health problem, so on his last assessment the mobility part was removed from his benefit. So Hopefully with the latest rulling this will be reassessed.

As I no Longer get carers allowance who is going to be responsible for my husbands care?
Will he qualify for some sort of home help?

Someone has posted that this issue has never been raised in Parliament, well maybe it is time it was and a campaign should be started to try and sort this sorry mess out?
Someone has posted that this issue has never been raised in Parliament, well maybe it is time it was and a campaign should be started to try and sort this sorry mess out?

If one surfs into HANSARDS , the official House site , and type in CARERS ... one would expect to see several thousand " Mentions " over the years ?

Try it yourselves , the results are VERY revealing.

Don't forget that a former vice chairman of Carers UK was also a Labour mp for many years.

An ideal opportunity for the plight of the 6 million + strong carer army to be brought into debates at least ?

Think again ....
I started getting my state pension last september, and as has been stated my Carers allowance stopped along with my pension Credit. This I had been forewarned about, but what I did not expect was that the local council stopped our council tax reduction and denied my application for Carers discount. According to council rules if you care for your spouse you are not classed as a Carer!!!!!!
Steve ... will be worthwhile bouncing that one off the Carers UK Advice Line.

If correct , maybe worth checking whether total household income triggers any reduction ?

I will add to our Lord Kitch , if necessary , depending on the outcome.
I've cared for 10 carees over the last 40 years, well qualified but no chance of a "proper job" after my son was brain damaged at birth. I was offered a job once by the local 6th form college to lead all the special needs courses, but couldn't take it as there was no respite care. In 2004 I ws told that I must NEVER CARE FOR ANYONE EVER AGAIN. Totally ignored by Social Services.
As far as they are concerned, I just don't matter. I asked them to fund a sewing class for me. They offered to send me to the local college, yes, the same one which had invited me to lead a whole team, to do a course "leading to an educational qualification". The social worker was surprised when I told her I had 10 O levels, 3 A levels and an Honours degree. From her face I suspect she does not!
thanks for all the replies. I still dont know WHO is supposed to look after the caree when you are no longer their “carer”.
There is no " Supposed " as in obligation ... beyond the System itself.

In Victorian times , that meant the Poor House for far too many.

Times may have changed but ... the System has a lot of catching up to do.

One Victorian " Relic " which has expanded beyond even the wildest imaginations of the politicians in those times ... food banks ?

Shock / horror ... even letters to The Times a mere decade ago.

Now mainstream on almost all manors.