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UnPaid Carers and Personal Independence Allowance. - Carers UK Forum

UnPaid Carers and Personal Independence Allowance.

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Hello. Before I claim for the Personal Independence Allowance and prepare for the assessment that I will have to have I want to know if being an unpaid carer of a father of 82 who suffers from both a mental and a physical disability including Alzhiemers will I have a chance of getting PIP. I will state that I have mental illness's including Anxiety Disorder and Depression which are causing me to have severe problems with my every day life.
I get the impression all the DWP will say is 'if you are having problems with looking after yourself and enjoying life how can you be your fathers unpaid carer'. An easy excuse for them to not pay this PIP allowance to me.
Are there unpaid carers out there who have claimed PIP and have the benefit given to them? Letting me know will be of great help.
Thank You. Ali Ibrahim.
Hi - I'm sorry no one is answering you yet. Alas, I don't know the answer myself, but if you get no joy of forum members, do email the team of experts at Carers UK itself. That is faster than phoning apparently, and they will get back to you within a few days (a bit delayed at the moment because of the snow, so I read!).

Are you getting any outside help in to give you a hand with your dad? I do hope so. Looking after someone else full time is pretty daunting, and when dementia is in the mix it can be exhausting - even impossible. Especially if you yourself have your own health problems.

Do you get any support from other family members, or is it 'just you'??
How serious is your dad's Alzheimer's. If you are unwell, would it not be better to look after yourself and dad to move into residential care?
Are there are there any unpaid carers in uk who receive PIP as well as carers allowance?
There is some guidance on the main Carers UK site :

https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... ce-payment

From a Google search ... claiming both PIP and CA :
PIP can be paid regardless of your income, savings or National Insurance contribution record and is a tax free benefit.

You can get PIP even if you are working or studying.

If you are a carer who has care needs, you can claim PIP for yourself and this will not affect your Carer's Allowance.