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Carers Allowance/ESA/PIP

All about money
Hi all, I'm a little confused at the mo & the DWP info/letters hasn't helped.
My partner has just been awarded PIP (backdated after appeal) & I claim ESA & have been awarded Carers's Allowance (also backdated). I have been paid a backdated amount for Enhanced Disability Premium on my ESA & I will also be getting the disability premium from the Carer's Allowance start date according to my award letter. (£22ish/month)

My question is: I thought we could only get the disability premium if my partner was the ESA claimant (She being the PIP recipient) but I get the ESA & I have been awarded Carer's Allowance, so could this be a mistake?
I am honestly clueless!
Hello Bev

I'm sorry I can't be of much help - but I'm sure that the Carers UK Adviceline team will be able to provide answers.
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Bev, congratulations on getting the benefits sorted and backdated. I don't think it matters who claims, what matters is what each person is entitled to.
In the past I've complained to DWP that their letters are as clear as mud. The standard excuse is that that are standard letters, well it's time they were more specific in that case.

The CUK helpline will give you brilliant advice.
In the meantime, if it's bugging you, why not get a piece of paper, and draw a few columns? One for your partner, one for you.
Then go through the letter or letters you have both been send, and fill in the columns with the information from the DWP letters.
Use a few arrows, in his column, put PIP, then an arrow to your column for Carers Allowance, because you are eligible for CA as he gets PIP.
Partner gets a premium for being disabled, you get one as a carer, and so on.
This might help you work it out.