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Carers allowance being stopped

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I care for my friend who was on dla. The Dwp have asked him to move to pip. He has been refused pip because the Atos doctor lied in the report and I have been told my carers allowance will end as well as dla. Fortunately I did record the meeting as the same thing happened to him 3 years ago with sea. Please could you advise me when my last payment will be? Will it be the same day as the last day of payment for the person I care for, or is there a short run on period? Trying to organise finances and this is a nightmare! Many thanks in advance
Make sure your friend just keeps appealing. There are strict time deadlines to keep, as it's Christmas I would send any forms back Special delivery so they are guaranteed next day. Otherwise you have to go right back to the beginning of the claim process. Over 50% of appeals are currently being allowed. Is there a local benefits rights office in your area who can listen to your recording, and generally support the reconsideration process with you. Carers UK has a brilliant helpline, but again, the holiday might delay a reply. Stress to your friend how important the deadlines are.
I'm still on Monday time, BB, has your part of the UK declared independence from British Winter time, or is that just a quirk of the forum rules, permitting time travel?
I reckon that, given how important this is, professional help is always a good idea when making an appeal against a decision: it might take a bit longer, but I would ask a legally qualified person or highly experienced welfare rights officer to advocate for me.