Carers Allowance backdating

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Dear all,

My grandmother has been receiving attendance allowance for many years. I moved in to her house to care for her last June. During that time I've been eligible for Carers Allowance, but only realised now.

Will I be able to receive a backdated payment? I live in Scotland, if that makes a difference.
Unlikely I'm afraid. However, I strongly recommend that you contact our Carers UK helpline and get them to go through the financial situation for both of you, as there may be other benefits that you might also be entitled to. Emailing the helpline is easiest.
Hi Harry, welcome to the community. Things will not be as you wanted them so, i suggest the cares helpline will be the best to guide you in this regard. ... wance.aspx

Carers allowance can only usually be back dated up to three months.