Carers Allowance at Pensionable age

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As an OAP in receipt of the State Pension, that pays more then Carers Allowance, although I am still entitled to Carers Allowance, it is considered to be an overlapping benefit and as such, I do not receive it.

My question is, can the person I act as carer for, ( who is not my partner) have the Severe Disability Benefit re-instated, as this was stopped when I claimed Carers Allowance ?
As far as I know, severe disability benefit has been phased out and claimants on it were perhaps migrated to ESA. Ask the person what National Insurance DWP benefit they currently get?

The other draw back that people who once upon a time got these older bens, is hat many of them used to be free of tax ... ty-Premium

If you are a couple:

You and your partner must be getting a qualifying benefit, and
No one must be getting Carer's Allowance for looking after you, and
You must be living alone (have no non-dependents living with you, unless they are also receiving a qualifying disability benefit or are registered blind), or
Someone gets Carer’s Allowance for looking after just one of you and you satisfy the other conditions above. (then SDP is paid at a single rate).

Please note: If Carer's Allowance is not actually payable to your carer, for example because the other benefits they receive are affected by the overlapping benefit rules, you can still qualify for the SDP.

If two people receive Carer’s Allowance for looking after you and your partner, you will not qualify for SDP.