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PIP, Not for Mental Health Issues - Carers UK Forum

PIP, Not for Mental Health Issues

All about money
I was given an appointment for the Atos P I P assessment, having a few health issues arthritis, hypertension, type 2 diabetes but more importantly mental health problems ( depression and anxiety ) the latter is as a result of caring for the last 10 years for my wife, who suffers from, Bi - polar, Paranoia together with Schizophrenia. I had the support of my GP, the local CAB so off I went.
What a shock at the assessment, my mental health issues together with the impact of being a sole carer, was given very little time for explanation, but the inept tasks of raising my arms,legs bending etc was given so much time.
It is and was obvious that Atos, backed by the DWP have no interest on the effect of caring for sufferers of mental health issues and the impact on the carers health and well being.
Sadly, I conclude, I am a cheap option for care, the government fail to see that ALL carers are helping their loved ones, why can't they help us?
Did you ask for an audio tape session. If you feel you assessment was not fair - you can appeal. When you get your decision the first thing is to ask for a manditory reconsideration, you can then provide more evidence. Make sure you ask for the assessor's report. So you can go through it and mark where you have issues etc.
If you lose the mandatory reconsideration you can go to an appeal.
http://www.disabilityrightsuk.org/appea ... sideration
Hi Derek ,same thing happened to me when i had a pip assessment ,been caring for my twin brother for nearly 18 years ,the fact that i was suffering with depression before i started didn't mean anything to them.
Thanks for the replies, went I get the decision at least i will know my rights now. It does seem that the carers health is given no status what so ever, even my local Mental Health Trust (Somerset) are as impotent too, no practical help other than the care assessment.