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Successful PiP and ESA claims - no face2face - Carers UK Forum

Successful PiP and ESA claims - no face2face

All about money
Just thought I would share with you our experience of the last few months. Well, I should say mine as neither hubby or brother able to handle their own affairs.

Hubby - Alzheimers

Was in receipt of HRC and LRM. On advice of Alzheimers support worker we advised DWP of massive deterioration, and we were invited to claim the new Personal Independence Payment.
Claim made by phone beginning of July, form was sent out and we had 2 weeks to complete. One of the questions was giving them permission to access his DLA file, which I said 'yes'.
Brown letter received about 3 weeks ago to say nothing more was needed, they had all info they required. I was pleased there was to be no face to face as this would have agitated hubby enormously.
Anyways, another brown envelope came through at weekend with decision.
He is now Enhanced rate care and mobility.

The difference is there are no arrears to when we completed forms, like done the old way. They give 4 weeks notice to terminate DLA, benefit is paid 4 weeks in arrears - so 1st payment wont actually be till Middle of October. However, good result as far as I am concerned.

Brother - multiple disabilities

Forms were sent to us in February for his move to ESA. Returned last week in Feb.
Apart from one phone call from myself seeing what was happening, we received no further communication from them till weekend gone. He moves over to ESA ( support group) end of this month.

I hope this is a sign that common sense is being shown and that for many people, face to face interviews are not needed. Whether same happens for us at next review remains to be seen.

x x
Hi Rosemary,
That must be a relief.

Hope we have the same experience as I don't think S would cope with the whole travelling somewhere new and boring, wait in the waiting room and then waiting whilst I answered questions on his behalf for an hour or so...

I have sent off the 40 page booklet, agreed they can access his DLA records and am now holding my breath.

Will keep my fingers crossed for you

Me too Melly.
Rosemary. It must be a relief. It's just dreadful what carers have to go through.
While I understand the need for COP rules, I'm still wading through different aspects.
I've found a PayPal payment on my husband's statement. £10 34.
I eventually got through to them after press this button and all that malarkey. When I tried to explain to the agent, her reply was "aye".!
I'm afraid I was very sarcastic and replied, "aye, orses eat it Dow they!..
Silence. I said will you now let me explain and if you can't help me, put me through to your supervisor.
No one can tell me what the money was used for. Hubby was in the assessment hospital on the day it was taken in March.Hadn't used his card since November.
The PayPal account is now closed. I understand that they are not going to get COP queries often and that they may not have any idea. I'm patient usually but that unprofessional reply annoyed me. The same as the phone shop shouting out about the death certificate.
Oh well. I'm laughing at myself re the reply I gave her.
Pet66 wrote: Oh well. I'm laughing at myself re the reply I gave her.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Good for you, and thank you for the laugh. If its not one thing its another. Never seems to stop lately.