Carers Allowance and Newly Self Employed?

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I've been receiving carers allowance for many years - in recent years only sporadically, as my daughter was classed as a boarder whilst at university. So we could only claim for when she was at home, in retrospect, and sometimes those claims took the best part of a year even to be assessed or paid out.

I'm currently dealing with one such back claim which is way back in time, but in the past several months (not yet claimed for) I started being self employed. I only earn maybe twenty quid a week so nowhere close to the threshold. I haven't yet claimed boarders carers allowance for the dates where I started being self employed.

What information will they ask for, when I claim? Do they need bank statements, or how can I prove my income? What will I have to do to prove my income? It is so small, it wouldn't affect carers allowance anyway. What precisely, will I have to do, or show them and how much more form filling is there when you are self employed?
Hi Ann.

Purely on the " Self Employment " angle , a couple of threads which maybe of assistance : ... employment ... employment

One thread from MumsNet will also be of interest : ... -allowance

Claiming no other benefits ?

UC rolled out on your manor ?

I would recommend the Carers UK Advice Team ... especially as your enquiry is a little more specialised than normal : ... line-24147

Best by email.

Being self employed does create more paperwork needed ... for your accountant / HM Revenue and Customs / DWP to name just three.

At the same time , the ability to offset certain expenditure against income often helps to ease the ... pain ... a little ?
Thanks. Yes I had already trawled here but not found out what specific things they use (or I sumbit) to assess my pathetic income! I cant afford an accountant (am using Quick Books), and am starting to think the hassle is so great maybe I will stop claiming from before the date I started being self employed. Especially as I can't seem to find exactly what info they'll want from me.

Daughter is about to leave home anyway having finished uni has just come home whilst she or boyfriend find job - then they will be moving in together, and probably moving away as they both do something that can only be done in big cities, as a rule!

One of these boarder claims took almost a year for them even to assess and pay out. So I am now claiming for last year - before I was self employed. She will only be home briefly maybe this month then off again. Once she is living with boyfriend, we will advise him to claim.

I think I might just stop claiming as if they are asking for me to submit loads of info there is just no point, for a few weeks CA here and there... I did find someone on an old thread saying they want to see your 'accounts' - what is that if you can't afford an accountant? Print outs from my Quick Books? I am maybe looking at walking away from a backclaim for a few weeks' CA, if I just close the claim for some date last year, before I was self employed, I guess..?
in which , the backstop ... the Carers UK Advice Team.

On the " Which records to keep ? " self employment angle ... the BIBLE :

Best not to " Deviate " in the early years ?

Thereafter , not too much deviating ???
I don't think you have been given the correct advice about boarder payments, Carers Allowance etc. I had a similar problem and our advice service gave me all the information I needed to make a successful claim.