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DLA - PIP and allegations of fraud - Carers UK Forum

DLA - PIP and allegations of fraud

All about money
Just read this on ATOS Miracles on Facebook:

Sue Pemberton
'Latest from Benefits and Work The DWP have ruled that from next Monday, if you are investigated because of an allegation that you are fraudulently claiming DLA, you will automatically lose your DLA award and be assessed for PIP instead, regardless of the outcome of the investigation. The change in policy does not appear to be lawful, but that’s not a consideration that seems to trouble the DWP or the government these days.
It means that claimants with indefinite awards of DLA, who may not have been due to be assessed for PIP until 2017, could find themselves forced onto the much harder to claim PIP years early.
This could be especially awful for claimants with mobility awards, given the DWP’s confirmation this week that it is to entirely ignore the results of its hasty PIP consultation and stick with a 20 metre limit for the enhanced rate of the PIP mobility component.
By the DWP’s own estimates, over 400,000 claimants are likely to lose out as a result of the changes to the mobility component and the new disability minister, Mike Penning, has already confirmed that he expects spending on DLA and PIP to begin falling (members only) as early as next year.
However, plans to assess all DLA claimants for PIP by 2017 may already be in trouble. The Disability News Service has revealed that crisis meetings have taken place across the country because Atos has a serious shortage of doctors (members only) able to carry out disability benefits assessments'.

So, prepare for mass notifications with refusals to say where the allegations came from??
Comment from Carers UK please?
Comment from Carers UK please?
Sorry, I forgot to post up yesterday. I flagged this up to Policy staff and they are seeking full clarification from DWP. Once that received a response will be put here.

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Thanks Rosemary Image
Phasing in the new system, i.e. running two different systems at the same time, is done for administrative convenience and is therefore unfair. Someone living across the road from you, with exactly the same level of disability, could be assessed completely differently. This happens to some extent with the existing system, anyone else see the story about two identical twins who got different rates of benefit? But of course it's wrong.
If nothing else, this whole sorry saga acts as a massive warning to anyone who tries to tamper with or reform the welfare benefits system. I actually do believe reform is necessary, but not on the crazy and unproven assumption that you can take 20% savings from the current benefits bill.