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Should we have an enforceable right to food? - Carers UK Forum

Should we have an enforceable right to food?

All about money
People are going hungry in England because England, to the detriment of the poor, has forgotten its legal history.

Nearly eight hundred years ago, in 1216 English law first recognized a right to food. Yet between April and September this year over 350,000 people received three days’ emergency food from the Trussell Trust food banks, triple the numbers helped in the same period last year.
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http://ukhumanrightsblog.com/2013/10/18 ... an-bueren/
About 40 years ago, there was, in effect, a right to food. Social Security had local offices, people waiting for their claims to be dealt with could have a Crisis payment. People with children could go to Social Services and get vouchers so they didn't go hungry. Social Services would ring up Social Security and ask them why the claim was taking DAYS to process, usually that would mean a claim went straight to the top of the queue and was then dealt with immediately. Now the vast majority of local Social Security Offices have closed. One office may appear to be dealing with the claim, but it's actually being dealt with at a "Processing Centre" miles away, so immediately there are delays as things are posted, quite apart from sitting in a queue. This is all to do with government "efficiencies". What happened to meeting customer needs?
Random replies in random order:-

1.Charities stepping in to supply food to the most vulnerable. Commendable but I am saddened at the need for this.

2.Malnutrition and poverty are closely linked but is not the only cause of malnutrition.

3. The Welfare state and poverty. Community care Grants and crisis loans paid through job centres ended in the spring of 2013.

In its place £178.2M was devolved to local councils to distribute locally.

Will this improve the situation? only time will tell.

4.Enshrined in Legislation? I think Not.An impractical suggestion, too many problems in the finer detail of the issue of malnutrition

5. The World health organisation believes that malnutrition in all its forms is the gravest single threat to public health - have no doubt this does include the UK.

6. malnutrition is when we don't get nutrients whilst whilst over nutrition is when we intake more than we need. talk to nutricia! can legislation solve this problem? I think not.

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The food bank/ soup kitchen approach will always be needed in any society, as long as there are vulnerable people/homeless/destitute/refugees etc. The Sally Army and some others meet a genuine need, and should receive state funding IMHO, ideally paid for by a special tax on junk food, fast food, and fizzy drinks.

Food vouchers are another way of tackling the problem, and whilst I know they aren't popular with Guardian readers, they might help with the problem of alcoholic parents and so on spending their money on drugs, booze or gambling.

I like the idea of food co-operatives and growing your own. We seem to have lost the connection to food that our grandparents had: they kept allotments and "dug for victory"! I used to live in a fairly poverty-stricken veggie commune in New Zealand, where we bought our food every week collectively from the markets along with other households, with serious savings.
I'm growing abit here, been doing it some years, have runner beans, spring onions and tomatoes now.
But had a problem with tomatoes coming down with tomato blight, i was going to spray them this year with copper fungicide, thought i could get away with it, but no it got them and rot a lot of the fruit. Image
I will use the fungicide next year.
Bottom-end rot, Image
We have raised beds and grow veggies using the square foot method, which seems to work. It does take a bit of time, though and this year slugs have been a big problem despite using nematodes.

PS Too much information scally - I dont need to know about your personal ailments
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