Update on PIP Appeal

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I decided to start another thread on this but when I tried sending my post I got the message saying I didn’t have permission to post in that forum - or words to that effect.

I heard back from the appeals service and got advice from the CAB on what happens next and what I need to do. The officer I spoke to advised me to ask the ESA office for a copy of the evidence used to make the decision to put J in the support group for ESA. I’m not sure if this will work in J’s favour, as he was much more physically disabled then than he is now, thanks to the treatment he has been for several years.

Sorry to read that people here have been less than happy with the service they've been getting from the CAB. I’ve found them extremely helpful.

Decided not to name the corporation because I still recall the time where their predecessor (an infamous French IT corporation) was shutting down various disability forums for libel/slander through them being named in discussions.

They are dirty and even in the most obvious cases where a person is clearly unable to do anything for themselves without assistance you need to be on guard of the fact they will make things up or conveniently lose information which would significantly swing things in favor of your loved one.

My main caree is a former lifetime award of incapacity who was migrated over to ESA and is awaiting review (we're haggling over the venue as I want it done at home due to the severity of disability) now 2 months into this haggling its come out they don't even have caree down as a wheelchair user in spite of their condition rendering 100% of sufferers non-weight bearing from birth.

This is AFTER a massive dossier of medical information dating back almost 3 decades was sent their way followed by a GP letter, and the icing on the cake was having to point out that "no, they can't self-propel in the wheelchair either"

Seriously don't under estimate them.. I am doing this for my family now but I have supported people from the voluntary perspective (such as CAB) and have seen things which would shock you.

And ultimately should a face to face occur it would put you on the spot or possibly get you in a bunch of trouble as that persons representative if the improvements are significant yet not documented in the notes they have.. which is likely why CAB are advising you as such.

Fun fact : I need to find the link again, but its little known "that" corporation actually runs an exemption policy in cases of severe chronic disability, listing 80+ illnesses/disorders/conditions/disease. Its stateside only though, not applying across the pond.

The media are pretty much complicit too as they've been banging on about a UK exemption list for years now but nothing has come of it.. its no wonder average joe has strong misconceptions about what people are going through, most will never know the heartbreak of having a loved one who was never able to communicate properly (verbally or otherwise) being asked "how long you have you had your condition" or even worse, sensitive questions related to self harm in those with SHB.

One of my finest investments was a duel tape evidence grade tape recorder from fleabay.. its of the same sort that were at one point used in police stations for interviews. Not being a frequent flyer I'm unsure as to whether they've since gone digital.
Their hard to come by (at an affordable price) but do not despair as you can achieve the same result with a pair of cheap digital audio recorders.

Common trick at one point was to hand off one tape to the assessor. Stick yours in a per-addressed padded envelope and seal it up ready to post before you leave the room, post it to yourself and just keep a hold of it in-case its required down the road at which point they can't accuse of tampering etc (and the record would show they have the same copy)

Woo.. that escalated quickly.

Best wishes to you, J and family :)