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Carers allowance and earning over £102 (now £110) per week. - Page 9 - Carers UK Forum

Carers allowance and earning over £102 (now £110) per week.

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Jamie_1603 wrote:
Fri Jun 14, 2019 10:23 am
Hi I am not working an just receiving the usual carers allowance and also income support top up but my person I am a carer for likes to attend the cinema and has recently joined a gym that I am required to attend with to support him can I claim anything back for these or do I need to be working for to claim these expenses back. Any advise would would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Jamie :dry:

https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/e ... led-people

To be honest most places I have been to let carers in free. Even if not advertised on web sites etc. Always check with venues directly. Your would be surprise - most theatres do.


If your caree has been assessed as needing the gym, the Social Services should cover this sort of cost, by reducing the carees charges. Google "Disability Related Expenditure" for more details.
could anyone help me please??

I wonder if you CN help me with something I hadn't informed gov of my job change in 2017 as i only thought it was only when I earnt too much I needed to inform them,

I received a letter saying I had earnt too much a few weeks ago and when I checked and asked my boss about my wages it works out I earn 2 pounds month too much from this April …

I informed them of this and knew it would now stop but today received a letter saying I owe back from 2018 over 2600 pound due to earning too much but I have p60 to show I haven't for tax Yr 2017/18 and 18/19 do I stand any chance of over turning this??

also can I use after school club costs and petrol costs for these as an expense?
Hi Katie.

Advice we give all " Newbies " when dealing with overpayments and the DWP.

CAB or Carers UK Advice Team ( Best by email ) ... links follow :


https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... line-24147

A little background for you ... the main DWP Purge ... you will find that you are not alone in breaking through that weekly
earmnings limit ... currently £ 123 per week ... which as be in force for a couple of decades at least :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... wp%20purge

Disablity related expenses ... claimed by the carer ?

CAB for confirmation on that one ... not ones normally associated with those found on the Internet for guidance to all claimants.

https://www.entitledto.co.uk/help/Carer ... ated-costs
Scally wrote:
Mon Oct 06, 2014 1:11 am
This has come up again, and here is my take on the rules on caring and working: basically the rules are there but they have some major loopholes as long as you read them carefully:

All forms of respite, including sports or dance classes, are an allowable deduction, on the grounds that they constitute a direct form of respite. You don't have to ask the DWP about issues like this, you just tell them, and if they don't have a specific advice note in their manual, they can't refuse you.

What is also very interesting - (but please don't tell the DWP this) - is that the source of funds for such respite is also not an allowable factor in the calculation. So it could be that your granny - or your partner - actually gives you the money in cash to pay for such lessons, but they still constitute an allowable deduction: because there is no legal provision for the DWP to ascertain the source of funding. If it gets paid, and if there is a receipt, just claim it. Stay one jump ahead. They play games with us all the time, and we have no option but to play those games back. They have no statutory right to question your source of funds for respite, as long as you have a receipt. Because Carers Allowance isn't means tested - after all, unearned income such as my occupational pension is disregarded. Think about it. In this family at least, we also try to claim the maximum allowances for respite costs, which is up to £51 per week, quite legally.
If you have to pay for someone to look after the person you care for or a child under 16 while you are at work you can deduct those payments from your earnings up to the value of half your earnings (after the above deductions if they apply). However, this will not apply if the person you are paying is a close relative (a spouse, partner or civil partner, parent, son, daughter, brother or sister).
It is when you start to add up all these deductions that it becomes perfectly possible to earn £10k per annum - or even slightly more - and still claim Carers Allowance quite legally, as long as you have some financial flexibility in your family context. Your spouse could be earning £50k - it makes no difference. You could have £100k income per annum from investments: still makes no difference. OK, these are extremes, but it shows what is possible.

You can probably even be running a deficit income from work (on paper) after paying for respite and pension contributions - and still claim Carers Allowance. (after all, the government itself runs up a deficit budget, but personally I have never tried this one). You can certainly for example pay up to 100% of your income into a private pension, claiming 50% of it as an allowable expense, should you have the wiggle room financially.

Not a lot of people know that. :shock: :roll: :!:
I look after my mum 24/7 i get careers for her every week 66 quid am i entilted to anything else being a career
Hi Trisha ... time to crunch some numbers ?


Anything " Interesting " revealed ???
Hi all,
I come here really worried and wondering if anybody can help.
I'm a carer for my niece, all fine and been claiming CA for about 6 years, and I work some hours at a local cafe, CA knew this and it was all under the allowance weekly.
I have just realised that when I got a very small pay increase like February this has took me about £5 over the weekly limit. I wasn't aware, I didn't click to think to check

So for a year I've been £5 over the limit and totally unaware, CA haven't contacted me - my anxiety is sky high incase I have to pay everything back. I am going to ring them but not sure what to say, will they claw it all back?
If I say I just want to stop my claim, how much research will they do? Do you reckon they'd find out?

Please don't judge me, it was a totally unexpected mistake that I didn't mean to happen but I am so worried now. I am still caring for my niece. :cry:

When ever you tell the dept of a change. You will have to provide evidence of the change and when it took place. I suspect you will be required to also provide your last pay slip.

As it has been a genuine mistake. I would be up front as being an issue later. May not work in your favour.

https://www.gov.uk/government/statistic ... d-staffing
CA haven't contacted me
It's not the DWP responsibility to know what you are doing. It's up to the person claiming any benefit to divulge all up to date information.

https://www.turn2us.org.uk/Benefit-guid ... verpayment

I think you will feel a lot better once you have made contact with DWP.

If you are still concern try the Carers UK help line and or Citizens Advice.
I know I feel bad - I will give them a call and just be honest with them, not sure what to expect but thank you for replying.
stephen_19051 wrote:
Wed May 29, 2019 12:43 pm
Hi - My issue relates to how Carers Allowance is affected by one-off earnings as a poll clerk / presiding officer from the recent elections. Was wondering if other carers had similar experience or insight?

I took early retirement last year to care for my elderly mother. I earn about £260 per month part-time at the local NHS, to subsidise works pension and carers allowance. I'm not entitled to means tested benefits. I've had no problems until now with getting my CA as earnings have always been well below the £120/£123 weekly threshold.

Over many years I've undertaken Poll clerk or presiding officer at elections (ie; within election week; administering at a polling station on election day from 6.30am to 10pm, plus half day working at subsequent voting counts. But the May 2019 elections were the first I've undertaken as a CA recipient.

I phoned Carers Allowance Unit to report my earnings for the 2 weeks around 3rd May and 23rd May election days, in anticipation of the CA being withdrawn for the two weeks when the £123 earnings threshold was exceeded. But I was told my election day earnings - despite not being monthly paid and via a different employer - may be combined with my part-time NHS salary, thus calculated monthly. As my election payments fall in separate months, my combined earnings over the 2 months are likely to narrowly exceed the £123 average (I have no deductions to declare such as substitute care or pension contributions), meaning I could lose 8 or 9 weeks' CA for just a couple of days work!

Pending CA Unit decision maker ruling, I've looked at Disability Rights guidance on earnings regarding CA. Here the focus is HOW earnings are paid - eg; monthly earnings are converted to weekly equivalent (x 12 divided by 52) for assessment against the £123 threshold.
The local authority who employ poll clerks and presiding officers say they are neither weekly or monthly paid - theirs are one-off wages for a specified period. The Disability Guidance indicates my CA therefore being stopped for two weeks only (as I originally envisaged)? The DWP has such a bad reputation and I am nervous that CA Unit may rule otherwise, meaning the only option would be an appeal.

I wonder if any other carers who do poll clerking-type work have had similar experience or ideas on this?
I was just looking through as I have this very same scenario. I also do random gigs as a poll clerk and this would be the first as a carer. I don't work otherwise, so how does this affect CA?
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