Carers allowance and earning over £102 (now £110) per week.

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Jamie_1603 wrote:
Fri Jun 14, 2019 10:23 am
Hi I am not working an just receiving the usual carers allowance and also income support top up but my person I am a carer for likes to attend the cinema and has recently joined a gym that I am required to attend with to support him can I claim anything back for these or do I need to be working for to claim these expenses back. Any advise would would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Jamie :dry: ... led-people

To be honest most places I have been to let carers in free. Even if not advertised on web sites etc. Always check with venues directly. Your would be surprise - most theatres do.

If your caree has been assessed as needing the gym, the Social Services should cover this sort of cost, by reducing the carees charges. Google "Disability Related Expenditure" for more details.
could anyone help me please??

I wonder if you CN help me with something I hadn't informed gov of my job change in 2017 as i only thought it was only when I earnt too much I needed to inform them,

I received a letter saying I had earnt too much a few weeks ago and when I checked and asked my boss about my wages it works out I earn 2 pounds month too much from this April …

I informed them of this and knew it would now stop but today received a letter saying I owe back from 2018 over 2600 pound due to earning too much but I have p60 to show I haven't for tax Yr 2017/18 and 18/19 do I stand any chance of over turning this??

also can I use after school club costs and petrol costs for these as an expense?
Hi Katie.

Advice we give all " Newbies " when dealing with overpayments and the DWP.

CAB or Carers UK Advice Team ( Best by email ) ... links follow : ... line-24147

A little background for you ... the main DWP Purge ... you will find that you are not alone in breaking through that weekly
earmnings limit ... currently £ 123 per week ... which as be in force for a couple of decades at least : ... wp%20purge

Disablity related expenses ... claimed by the carer ?

CAB for confirmation on that one ... not ones normally associated with those found on the Internet for guidance to all claimants. ... ated-costs
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