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Carers allowance and earning over £102 (now £110) per week. - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Carers allowance and earning over £102 (now £110) per week.

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That's a long time to wait. Maybe call the CUK helpline to see if they know what's going on?
Hi Yes. After a long drawn out request for information, they finally decided i was an irregular earner , although i'm not. I sent the payslips etc start of July and the payment went in on time. Not heard anything else from them, hope this helps.
Thanks I rang them and he said he would chase it up for me.
crocus wrote:Could someone please make this a sticky so that people will see it?
Nursing is a field which provide various allowances and you can earn so much.
Hi Matteo
Not sure quite what you mean but any allowances you get might be regarded as business expenses and as such not counted as earnings. Mileage allowance is definitely disregarded.
Henrietta wrote:Hi
Just wondered if anyone who is an irregular earner has received a payment from DWP since April?
Yes. They have given up on me: I probably have a red flag on my file saying "Don't mess with this guy, he will chew you up and spit you out", and they no longer ask me for anything, they just pay it out every month like nice wee lambs. Kinda boring really, I quite like a bit of aggro, as the Mods on this site will tell you, lol :mrgreen:
My advice would be to ignore your post completely! Its more likely that they have placed a sign on your file that says; "wait until the Inland Revenue gets him", than your suggested 'don't mess with this guy' nonsense!

Not fully disclosing your income, and/or misrepresenting circumstances could result in you getting into serious hot water. Even if not actually breaking the laws regarding claiming CA, the Theft Act 1968 is quite clear about what constitutes dishonesty.

Additionally, and the reason for my post, is that whilst not necessarily illegal, it is immoral. As carers we all deal at some time with pressures/frustrations of rationed services. Rationed because people avoid paying tax on earnings, and claiming benefits! Additionally, any Nurse/Dr/Solicitor/Social worker/Teacher/Physio etc. who is professionally registered, will break their code of conduct if they follow your advice, which could result in them being 'struck off'!

Declare your circumstances honestly, and take advice from qualified agencies only (eg. CAB etc)!
Hi Peter-have I missed something here? To which bit of the advice are you referring to as illeagal/immoral?
I apply the CA rules scrupulously, and to the letter. I deeply resent any suggestion that I am fiddling the system: on the contrary I am applying the rules very carefully and with full disclosure of all facts, down to the last penny.
I have proven that it is possible to earn over £12k a year and still claim CA, perfectly legally.
The rules are quite nonsensical, but also very literal, which is why I love to push them to the limits of their own illogicality, partly because I am a naturally mischievous person, and because I can afford to. My wife works full time on a good salary. My (early retirement) occupational pension pays the bills, and it counts as unearned income, so is the first disregard.
My next disregard is my brand-new lease car, which counts as a work-related expense as I need it to work from home. I deliberately chose an electric car because it is incredibly cheap to run (say 3p a mile) but still earns me the same mileage rate as a more expensive petrol car, meaning I make a 90% profit on my expenses, which are disregarded.
My next disregard is my tax and national insurance, which don't count as income, and my next is my personal pension payments, of which 50% are disregarded. I'm currently paying 50% of my income into my private pension plan. I quite like the fact that as I am aged over 55 I can get any of my pension payments back any time I want as a lump sum, with some tax disregarded, such lump-sum payments do not count as income for CA purposes: once again: I didn't make the rules, even though they are totally ridiculous. It is as if the State set up a giant money recycling scheme - truly hilarious!
I also claim 100% of care-related expenses, meaning that my notional weekly earned income by their definition sometimes falls into minus figures. As my wife is a professional, this is just a notional accounting issue, so no, we are not falling into poverty!
Nobody in government has added all this nonsense up: and that is their problem, not mine. As a household we still pay more tax than we get back in benefits, so I will continue to claim my full entitlements until someone changes the rules.
If the rules change I will be happy to hand the care of my adult son over to my local authority, at a potential cost to them of some £50,000 a year -so on balance I reckon the state is doing quite well out of us and might be better letting sleeping dogs lie.
Well, I for one would get rid of all the detailed rules and nonsense and just pay carers allowance to everyone who is a carer, and scrap all the silly rules about earnings limits , being a student, or being a pensioner: because they are all rubbish. We are the people who are saving the state £100 billion a year, so we ALL deserve respect and support.
I joined Carers UK for this very advice. I've just been told that I over-earned on Carer's over the past five years despite 'signing off' and 'back on' whenever I was working and not caring for my wife / having someone else in. I've been told I need to pay back over £5k and this is obviously deeply upsetting as well as a huge financial hardship.

My issue is that I am a Director of my own one-man company and there is really no understanding of someone who doesn't have regular PAYE and / or an Accounts Department to speak too. I don't really want to go into every detail but is there a reasonably definitive list of what it is OK to claim? The term 'reasonable expenses' (which I am completely au-fait with as a contractor dealing with HMR&C) are completely different from the 'reasonable expenses' allowed by the DWP.
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