carers allowance

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The p60 issued by employer at the end of each tax year shows the total earned in that tax year, therefore you shouldn't need to produce payslips as well, except for this tax year about to end as p60s won't be produced until after 5th April 2019.
If you have had more than 1 employer at a time you should have p60s from each employer.

P60 only shows money earned, not hours worked, so I do wonder if they are looking at benefits that are related to working hours. If it is only Carers allowance then p60 should suffice.

Anyone is only expected to retain tax information (e.g. p60) for 7 years so they shouldn't penalise you if you can't produce things from more than 7 years ago
Thank you, cant sleep so worried!
Benefits relating to hours worked ... Working Tax Credits claimed at anytime ?
tax credits yes cant remember when I came off tax credits though. Think when my partner moved in around 2007. Always filled forms in and was told when too much income so came off them.