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Carers Allowance

All about money
First of all, thanks for accepting me into the Forum.

I've had a letter today turning down my claim for Carers Allowance due to my income being too high. This would be fine, but I don't actually have ANY income!

I've been caring for my wife since May 2014, and full-time since August 2014. My ex-employer paid me from August-October as notice-in-lieu, and I received one weeks JSA (I was told to sign on) in November. My wife receives PIP at enhanced rate on both elements and ESA (single contribution rate).

We are currently living on tax credits (2 children), my wife's PIP and ESA (£72.40 p/w), so really do need the carers allowance.

I put a covering letter in with my form explaining all of this to Carers. They received it on 17 December (sent special delivery) and the decision letter is dated 18 December!

I'll be ringing them first thing Monday, but does anyone know if they look at your whole year income, or the income you have now?
I have no idea why you have been refused CA, but I suggest you challenge it using professional advice. The C-UK helpline and email service is about as good as it gets: totally definitive, just use the contact us page on this site.
Thank you
email them with as much detail as possible and it will be looked at as soon as the advisors return on 5th January.

You could wait and try to phone on the 5th but I expect the lines will be mega busy that day.

Hope you get sorted soon.xx
Hi Liam
You haven't mentioned if your wife is entitled to or claimed Attendance Allowance. You won't get your Carers Allowance until your wife is in receipt of attendance allowance so once you get it sorted you will hopefully get both but start with the attendance allowance
Henrietta - his wife gets PiP, so wouldnt be eligible for Attendance Allowance - you only claim AA if you are over 64 yrs old and dont have PiP or DLA.

Liam - does she get the Daily Living Component of her PiP?
While you are waiting for CarersUK to re-open, I thought I would give you their link to details on Carers Allowance.
http://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advice ... -allowance

DWP are rubbish at working out benefits for disabled people and their carers. Carers UK help-line give good advice. If you cant get through try emailing them.
Thanks for putting me straight on that. I should check my facts first.
No probs henrietta - sorry if I came over a bit terse.
No I didn't mean it that way :D . Just feeling dopey that I'm giving incorect information