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Earnings will be £106 so looks like im loosing CA - Carers UK Forum

Earnings will be £106 so looks like im loosing CA

All about money
I was earning 370 4 weekly but got made redundant. I got a small redundancy payout so my CA has currently been suspended for a month. Today ive been offered a job earning £106 a week with occasional overtime. My son would need be at school for most of the time i worked except 3 hours. I was thinking of maybe putting him in after school club for 3 hours. Would this be 'allowed?'. The only confusing bit is it costs £4 a hour so £12 a week but only term time (38 weeks) as it closes in holidays. Would CA accept a average child care cost? 12×38 ÷52 = £8.76 weekly average. Or would they not accept this?

My son does swimming lessons aswell which cost me £20 a month my partner drives him there as i work that day but its a instructor that does the lessons. Could that count aswell?
So worried about all this i dont want to do anything wrong and end uo having to pay money back. I did look at pensions but i dont understand them at all. Any advice greatly appreciated.
Hi Jenny,

have a read of this topic
http://www.carersuk.org/forum/support-a ... week-21683

lots of tips on how to legally bring down your earnings to within the limit :)
Im sure the swimming lessons will count. The after school club will too. Arent there any clubs during holidays? Im sure you must be able to find something.
Our expert Scally will be along later, I'm sure. I lost thousands of pounds because I didn't realise how the system worked. He's cracked it!
Think I'm just gonna give up, i find it all so confusing :( the swimming lessons are £20 per month direct debit constantly.
I stress so much as it is,i wish there was a easy way to solve it all!
Dont give up Jenny. I know that when you are caring its hard to find time to work stuff out, but the extra money can really help.
Scally has a way of getting them to look at your payments over longer periods and averaging it out, but Im not sure of the details.
Thanks for your reply. I'll sit tight till scally comes online (fingers crossed). When i went for the interview she said that they dont have a pension yet but will be getting one in May so i suppose if i cant get CA now I'd maybe be able to try again in may. Just feels such a shame to loose out for a few quid.
Sure you can count in the swimming lessons, and after school club, at full cost.
You can also open a private pension plan today, and just saving £8 or £10 a week will also solve your problem. Half of your contributions can be deducted from your earnings, to get you below that magic £102 per week. Try the following links, or just google private pensions... you only need £20 a month or so to get started... most plans allow variable contributions so you can pay extra when you need to get the deductions, to cover holidays etc. Usually you can average them out over four weeks or six weeks, whatever you decide.

I tried this idea a few years ago and have built up a five figure pension pot whilst claiming CA!

http://scottishwidows.co.uk/pensions/st ... index.html
Thanks Scally. Last time i told tax credits i had childcare they took the average figure from me. Would Carers allowance accept an avaerage figure? Would i say when i ring CA that i pay for swimming lessons or do i have to word it differently? its £20 per month so would they accept the whole £20?
Right off to check out the pension links you have sent thank you!
I am also self employed doing Avon but i make a loss/break even after expenses
Jenny, if you are going to ring the CA Unit make a note of who you spoke to and exactly what you said.