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Carers allowance

All about money
Hope you are right Bernard
I managed to get the Higher Rate for Dad and things I stressed included the potential for him to fall when he got out of bed to use the commode in the night, the fact I had to empty the commode because he couldn't get to the bathroom during the night, the increased likelihood of falling and the fact the hospital would not discharge him unless someone was at home with him. The fact I had rung 999 for him during the night on a couple of occasions. The fact I lock teh house and Dad wouldn't remember. I also sleep with an ear open listening for Dad who has called me a few times during the night. All these sort of things count.Needless to say I went without it for months until my sister in law mentioned her mum was on the higher rate and she is much more independant than Dad. Don't be afraid to try and claim higher rate. Nothing ventured nothing gained.
I must admit it can be difficult to be a carer, I've been one for 41 years. Look after yourself and mental health is the problem. Over the years I've been all to my wife including advisor for her money ie benefits etc. I've lost count of the lost nights sleep. But later on it's worth it too say well the person I'm looking after is I hope happy and well.
Yes I heard the same only if your on any form of benefits such as income support like I am this increase will deducted from your benefit thus making like myself no better off. I care for my mother but do not live with her but do over 35hrs care per week as I was informed by DWP do my mothers food shopping does not count towards my 35hrs nor does going down in the middle of the night when she has a panic attack.
bowlingbun my brother is not entitled to a higher rate of care allowance because they say they can't include help with daily domestic tasks, despite the fact he finds it extremely difficult to get anything out of cupboards or the fridge to prepare a meal, nearly had broken plates more than once, and also it is the same with the oven. They accept he needs help with his medication and some personal tasks, but they won't accept the problems relating to shopping etc.
Shirley, did you accept their first decision or challenge/appeal at all?