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Carers allowance

All about money
Just a simple question today to ask everyone today. Is Carers Allowance worth having?
Absolutely. Why wouldn't you want it?!
It also means you get credits on your National Insurance record so you will get more pension.
If you are a carer, and looking after some one make your claim. http://www.carersuk.org/forum/post/reply?f=17&t=21555#
Definitely apply for it :D
Go for it
I care for my brother and because he doesn't get middle to high rate care allowance in his DLA, I can't get carers allowance.
Made enquiries at the CAB about getting an increase in the care part, as he is gradually needing more help, but was told he could risk losing his DLA if the decision went against him, despite having problems walking.
Hi Shirley,
DLA is being replaced by Personal Independence Allowance. In some key areas, like mobility, there are differences. Can I suggest that you find out more about PIP, and ring the Carers UK helpline, before applying. Our helpline is wonderful, they made me £50 a week better off!!
Hi shirley, I hope you have got more help. Your a carer and are in need of help. You MUST keep on fighting your corner. No one else will everything is such a battle. I know my self being a carer is tough Please dont give up. Write to your local MP . Regards Amandah
Shirley, do you know why you brother is not entitled to the higher rate? Even if you are not doing physical caring during the night, it is still possible to have the highest rate care. The rules can be a bit difficult. For example, their form talks about day and night time, but doesn't give their definition of "day" and "night". For example, if you go to bed at 10pm, but he's still awake at 11pm, and he might need you during that time, it counts as your night. Similarly, if he gets up before you, that's during your night. When my son was a teenager he would often get up at dawn, despite blackout curtains. One day, one of our friends saw him out on the pavement at 6am!!! So although it was "day"light, it was my "night". Understanding how the rules work before completing a form is therefore crucial, it's so easy to put a cross in the wrong place and do yourself out of a lot of money which you are entitled to. The Carers UK helpline helped me claim CA when the DWP said I wasn't entitled to it, for various reasons. As a result I was £50 per week better off.
Hi All,
I was watching the Lords debate the other night, and too my surprise I heard that the carer is supposed to be getting a large increase in their benefit. It was late at night so I can't remember what the finale figure was. If I heard it correct it looks like somebody is finally getting the message that the carer is doing a job. And not just somebody that saves the county cash. If I have the story right good. If not sorry if I sort of missed the thread.