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we are both disabled...can hubby claim C.A for me? - Carers UK Forum

we are both disabled...can hubby claim C.A for me?

All about money
Hi all, im after some advice......I am disabled with an artificial leg and other mobility problems and have to use a wheelchair a lot of the time.....I also have problems in anything that requires me standing.....I do get the higher rate of mobility and middle rate care component of DLA

My hubby himself, has fybromyalgia and other related conditions so at the moment is in reciept of income support, made up with a bit of money because he is sick....He does not get incapacity or long term sick pay....He did up until last week recieve DLA but his last claim has been refused and he hasnt got the will to appeal or reclaim......

However, cos of my problems he helps me by caring for me and we wondered if it would be worth him claiming carer's allowance for me?

Would it be turned down as he is incapacitated himself? Or would it be worth claiming and seeing whats said???

Thanks in advance that someone may be able to help

I'm probably not the best to say but before someone with better knowledge comes on to reply

you could try ringing Carers UK CarersLine on 0808 808 7777 but it's not open until wednesday.

You could also ring the Carers Allowance department
Carer's Allowance Unit, Palatine House, Lancaster Road, Preston, PR1 1HB

Telephone: 01253 856 123
It is possible to claim both IB, IS/IB and Carers Allowance and in fact to be in receipt of DLA or AA and be entitled to CA. I would advise claiming with the help of a Welfare Rights Adviser, it is just possible that there would be a discrepancy between the care you need and your husband's ability to provide it due to his disability although it's not unknown for someone to have to provide physical care in the absence of any alternative whilst having their own care needs. I think that it's always best to seek advice and to be scrupulously honest and accept the advice given in these rather complex situations.
Hi there. My father and stepmother are both disabled and they are both revceiving Dla yet they both received carers allowance for looking after each other. This is befroe they reached the age when it stops. s far as I knoe that is still the case that you can receive it even if you are disabled yourself. Take Care Alison Image
There is no reason why two people cannot claim CA for each other whilst in receipt of DLA. However, it is important to get advice because there is a tendency to ask questions about how it is possible. Parsifal is absolutely right in this.
I realise there has been a long time since my original post but our problems have got worse...how do i go about finding a welfare rights advisor as i know nothing of the system and the help we may be able to get, although with the ATOS rubbish hanging over my husbands head and MAKING HIM WORSE THAN HES EVER BEEN, god knows if we would actually be entitled to any help....
some info on this link

If you post where you are from we can look to try find you some local welfare support. DO NOT post your address, just town.