Carers allowance

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Hi all I sent off the carers allowance form and have received a reply from them stating they wanted my wage slips for November and December. It also said they wanted it by the middle of January has anyone else had this as i have now reduced my hours at work so will only be getting about £400 a month until the carers allowance is sorted out.

Has anyone else had this. Image Image
If you were earning more than the CA qualifying amount up to now, they would not pay CA. So now they need to see evidence that your earnings have reduced to below the amount. It's normal for them to want evidence, and as long as you are under their qualifying figure then there is no reason to doubt that they will pay you in the end, but it does mean that you will have to wait for a few weeks until you have what they need. I don't know any way round the wait I'm afraid - just a chance CUK helpline might know.
Hi I have sent the, a copy of my pay slip showing i am receiving under 100 a week and my manager has also written to them to tell them how many hours i work and have sent them a copy of my contract guess i just have to hope for the best