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Hi all,
It is my 60th birthday in December and I am sure I read somewhere that CA stops at 60.
I asked the CPN to find out and she just e-mailed me back saying CA stops when state pension starts which really does not answer my question as I am not supposed to finish work until i am 62+.
Has anyone any idea what will actually happen?
Many thanks
Carers lose CA when they become entitled to the State Retirement Pension under the overlapping benefit rules, i.e. they are not entitled to CA if their income from certain other welfare benefits and the SRP exceed the amount paid in CA. Now that the age at which State Retirement Pension can be claimed by women is being changed it appears that women who reach 60 do not lose CA until they reach the age at which they can claim SRP: ... G_10012529

Pensioners can though claim the Carers Premium in Guaranteed Pension Credit if their income and capital are below the income and capital limits.

It is worth also checking this with either the CUK Advice line or a welfare rights organisation as I am not a welfare rights expert but I hope that this helps.
My hubby was unable to get carers allowance as he was 66 last year but our Macmillan Nurse put in for attendance allowance and got the higher rate of that for us early this year which is a huge help.