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Carers Allowance & Attendance Allowance

All about money
Hi Folks,
Can I ask your advice on this plz ?
My cousin lives and Cares for his Mother 24/7, she has varying problems like arthritis in hands/fingers, curvature of spine, leg/ankle problems after a break which was reset and didn't work !!!
He claims nothing, and she won't apply for AA, as she says she is fine !!!
Finally I have got them to go for AA, and I am going to try help fill
the forms in for them.
I know we will need Luck to get anything, but any advice would be grateful. She realises at long last, without her son she would struggle to cope.
Thanks for reading. :)
Hi, I think it is worth emailing or ringing the helpline, they are experts in this field.

Thanks Melly1,
I have just found out that I will have some expert help thru a Disability Group in completing the form. That's the Good News !!
The hard part will be getting my Aunt to admit she struggles without
relying 24/7 on her son. Wish us luck.
Thanks for replying. All the best to you & your family. :D
Still ring the helpline. AA is a "passport" to all sorts of other benefits, premiums, etc. There is a lot of money available, if only people would claim. Can I suggest that your cousin becomes "DWP Appointee" for his mum, then he can handle all the benefits applications etc. without involving her too much. I'd also suggest that he investigated having a Power of Attorney for his mum. Cousin may also be entitled to more money. My own mum had osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, with the worst curvature of the spine the teaching hospital had ever seen. Does aunt have a really good reclining chair? If not, I can pass on the details of mum's chair to you.
Thanks Bowling Bun,
She has recently got a more comfy chair which helps her, not the best, but it helps her.
They are struggling financially, he works (p/time) a few hours each day, but ends up most of his time monitoring his mother and doing jobs around the house, etc....
They are looking into power of attorney, and that's the next thing on
their list to do.
She is convinced that she won't get anything, and is terrified of having
to go thru medical, etc...I think she might be eligible for the Lower Rate and hopefully her son can claim Carers Allowance.
Thanks for replying.
Hi Folks,
Just to continue the story, A/A form was despatched 3 weeks
ago, and today my Aunt received a message left on her answer phone
asking to ring the DWP, she duly did and was told that the person
who rang her had finished work early and would not be back
till Monday and to ring then.
Anyone else had this happen, or know what this might be for ?
I thought they made a Yes/No decision and wrote to you ??
Now she is a bag of nerves and worrying :ohmy: