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Employment Allowance Claim Enquiry for Carer - Carers UK Forum

Employment Allowance Claim Enquiry for Carer

All about money
My disabled partner has just been sent a letter from the DWP / Job Centre asking him to ask me to supply details of my income and outgoings since Nov. 2013 on a single sheet to "enable our decision maker to calculate earnings reflecting her employment situation since then".

What exactly should I state? ALL outgoings including our mortgage, petrol, loss of earnings due to his disability and me being his full-time carer, insurances.... the list is endless.

I wonder - don't they look at my carer's allowance? I supplied all of this information to the DPW already!

I am quietly fuming as not only do I work like a trojan to earn the minimum to keep us going, I also haven't had a break in 20 months and I am looking after him 24/7. I am sure others are in the same situation but this is just pathetic. If it goes on like that then I shall tell them that someone else will have to care for him which will cost them around £80,000 a year and there is only so much hassle I can take.

Oh and it gets better - the phone number on their letter "is not recognized". So there is no chance calling them and asking them the questions!
They will certianly be looking for monthly amounts for Housing costs, CTAX, gas, water, electric, averge food expenditure, insurances contributions paid and travel costs.
I would be inclined to include everything else that you feel relates to caring perhaps- mobile phone, house phone, hospital car parking, special equipment you may have purchased, .
Just make sure your expenses don't come in below your income but I doubt that that is likely!
Thanks, Henrietta. I forgot to mention that I am self employed, working from home as otherwise I am unable to care for my partner 24/7. I haven't got my accounts for 2014 and 2015 ready yet as I leave that to my accountant and they are always logged 2 years behind. I.e. my tax return for 2015 would actually relate to year 1st May 2013 to 30th April 2014. So any income, expenses etc. would be an approximate figure until my accountant has looked at everything and worked out Profit and Loss. I guess I can send in a report claiming "without prejudice" or such like as I don't want to be called a fraud if the figures come out slightly different?

Also I receive Carer's Allowance as my income/net profit for 2014 was below the threshold (if I were to deduct all the expenses you mentioned then I'd show a loss, which I do as I am tapping into my savings...). Do I have to add CA to what the ESA is asking me to forward?
Hi, my husband who is on ESA Support group (contributory)also received a call asking for financial details, then wanted to know all about my private works pension. This was followed up with a letter having to put down all details and return, with dire warnings of sanction if we did not comply.
I felt so annoyed, we are not on income support, pay rent and community charge and prescriptions so why they wanted my details (I am also on ESA), and update them every year with my pension rises. I guess they pay us ESA, we have to comply or be sanction, frightening really.
They seem to be on a bit of a crusade at the moment, and it would interesting to know what our rights are. I don't keep records of every penny that I spend, and I doubt most people do. It seems to me that if the DWP want us to present annual accounts, then they should give us the money to appoint an accountant or book keeper, after all, most of us do not have the skills required for accounting. And frankly, neither do most of them.
In the interim I would be inclined to put any old approximate rubbish down on a single sheet, add the word 'draft' (or even better, 'daft') , show a deficit, and see what they do about it:

2014 - 2015 daft accounts
Income 4532.15p
Expenditure: 4716.13p

If they come back to ask for details, just explain that you can't add up to save your life, you didn't like Maths at school, and that you would be happy to attend a book keeping course if they pay for it.