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Carer told to stop caring - Carers UK Forum

Carer told to stop caring

All about money
A single mother of 6 children, who is on income support and is paid carers allowance for her disabled son, has been told at a work focused interview at her job center she has to give up her carers role as she needs to find a full time proper job. The advisor suggested a carers job as she has 24 years of experience...
Are advisors allowed to do this? She's worried she can be forced to stop caring for her disabled son and made to get a job outside the home instead.
Not that i know of, this is a new one on me, best place to go and ask is citizens advice bureau, if she is doing the right amount of hours to qualify for CA there shouldn't be a problem.
Sounds like to me the staff at JC are getting pressure from up high to get more of benefit anyway possible, using under hand bullying so be it.
I think she must be on some other benefits like IS or UC, that is where the problem is.
I think this may be a case of poorly trained jobcentre staff not knowing the rules. A call to the CUK helpline would be well advised!
It sounds as though this person was called in for a work focused interview with a heavy handed advisor. It may be that if her children are of school age, the main qualifying condition for her means tested benefit would be her entitlement to Carers allowance, however, there would be no requirement for this person to look for work so long as she is in receipt of carers allowance as carer for her disabled child. She has complied with the interview, and hopefully advised jobcentre that she will not be looking for work at his time. If not she should get back in touch- just in case they plan to call her in for another!
I had a simmelar issue several years ago at this time. The DWP advisor explained that being a single parent was higher on the list of there priorities than that of being a carer. This meant that I would be called in as the staff who make the appointments would see my single parent status first. The fact I was claiming carers allowance was much lower down. At the interview I was asked how many hours care I provided when I explained I am a 24/7 carer, I was then asked why I had attended. This happened even though when I had attended 6 months before. I had explained my youngest would be 16 the following day. So in there rules I could no longer be a single parent. What would happen if we all took their advice and gave up caring?
Only way I could stop caring is by handing my 15 year old twins (one with ADHD and Aspergers and the other has Autism) to social services and have them placed into the care of foster carers & probably split up due to the demands of caring for them (allowing for the affects of being put into care especially) which would result in a serious deterioration in their behaviour in itself and be moved on by their foster carers constantly as the continuing deterioration in their behaviour and with that increasing care needs become unbearable to foster carer after foster carer (many of whom will have other kids in their care) and if there are any children's homes left open that will be where they end up and subjected to bullying no doubt. As for their career plans (astronomer and paelontologist) you can forget that- they will end up coming out of education with nothing and not fit for work any way even though currently they are on track to get good GCSE results). Or worse still social services may consider their dad's family as family even though I am divorced and they haven't seen their dad for over 10 years and the last time they saw any of the rest of that family was 2002. Yes that option is worse. Reason: They believe in telling social services what they want to hear regardless of the truth at all costs- it I considered the worst form of child abuse by them to tell social services the truth when its not what social services want to hear. Add to that that they do not believe my ex use to attack the children and do not accept his caution for child abuse as something he genuinely earnt and the fact they will have their dad looking after them unsupervised because he's their dad & if social services try to remove them from their care they won't let social services do so because they consider putting a child into care joint worst form of child abuse along with telling social services the truth and you'll understand why I mean worse. My oldest currently has an inaccurate diagnosis of Global Developmental Delay and is on the waiting list for an ASD assessment as an over 16 year old. He's 18 so what would happen to him I don't know. None of them have the option of residential care some disabled children can be moved to if their parents can no longer care.