carer s package is over

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hi I am heartbroken to say the least! I am a full time carer of my hubby. Well sadly we have both got arthritis and I am getting over a hip replacement! 10weeks post op! But still feel bruised! Hubby has duel sensory loss of hearing a sight! He has had a care package each day for the last couple of months as I was in hospital! But now its back to normal! Yet we are both on walking sticks!! Talk about the blind leading the blind! ! Sorry to rant! I am utterly heartbroken! The social services said that we could have some one to help maybe 3 mornings to help with creaming my Hubby's legs as he has excema! But this will not happen! So muggins has to struggle!! Regards Amanda h
It would not hurt you to apply for the care benefit, or it's replacement. The thing is are you still in employment? If you are it could be a problem, but if not with the help from your doctor or nurse. You may be lucky. I wish you well.