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Carer's Allowance Supplement Payment SCOTLAND

All about money
Carers who receive DWP carer’s allowance were given up to an additional £442 from the Scottish Government this year – the equivalent of a 13 per cent increase on the carer’s allowance from the UK Government.

Social Security Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville said: “Carers make an invaluable contribution to Scottish society.

"Addressing the unfairness that carer’s allowance is one of the lowest working age benefits by introducing carer’s allowance supplement was one of the first commitments we made in light of our new social security powers.

“We are delighted to have successfully introduced and delivered carer’s allowance supplement to eligible carers across Scotland – making sure the second payment reached the majority of carer’s bank accounts before Christmas.

"Christmas can cause financial stress for many people, but for carers relying on carer’s allowance, it can be a particularly difficult time."

Ms Somerville said the Scottish Government recognised carers' invaluable contribution and in the 2019/20 Scottish Budget it had committed to raising the supplement in line with inflation by 2.4 per cent, meaning next year’s two lump sums will be £226.20 each.

David Wallace, chief executive of Social Security Scotland said: “We are continuing to work hard to establish this new public service.

"We are delighted to have made our second round of Carer’s Allowance Supplement payments successfully.

“The feedback we are getting from carers on the service that we are providing - and what this benefit means to them - reinforces our passion and enthusiasm. It demonstrates that we are getting it right and truly treating people with dignity, fairness and respect.”

Had to smile.

Even the new rate of CA DOES NOT buy the same amount of goods and services when compared with the level in 1980 !!!

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/social-a ... r%20carers

£ 78.51 per week just to stand still over 38 years needed !!!

That's based on a standard inflation calculator ... for those on low incomes , the ACTUAL inflation rate on what you buy is higher !!!

You have all been ... hoodwinked ... big time.

( Good old English word ... modern day street version ... screwed ! )

Classic smoke and mirrors job !!
I don't think anyone is being hoodwinked here, Chris. CA definitely not kept up with inflation. But 73.10 is better than 64.60 any (day of the) week!
In essence , that's the only way to look at it !

Owed £ 10 ... need £ 10 to pay a bill ... get back £ 9 ... a result , of sorts ?

Still need to find that additional £ 1 to stand still.