Carer's Allowance Application

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Page 9 of the Carers Allowance claim form asks if I have had any other breaks in looking after the person in the 26 weeks before I want to claim from.

However, I was not looking after the person before the date I want to claim from. So is it a yes or no to that question? I would think it is no (no breaks).

Also page 27 asks if I agree to the claims unit getting more info from any employer I have told them about on the form.

However, I have not told them about any employer, so do I tick yes or no or leave blank?

I'd put "No breaks" and "not applicable" because sometimes you are expected to put something in each box, and it would be silly to have the claim delayed because you hadn't stated the obvious!
if you ring them,they will tell you what to put in the boxes that your not sure about,i've always found them really helpful,a world away from income support which just wind me up and leave me feeling like i'm begging.