I'm new to the forum so go easy on me - and please point me towards any threads that might help me Image

My mum cares for my dad who has complex needs - he hasn Althimerz, AS ( a back condition), osteoporus and dimentia. (can't spell sorry!)

My has just be diagnosed with stage 2 cancer - and is going to need massive surgery - it has come as a huge shock. Anyway, she will need at least 1 month - to undergo treatement - and recover enough to be able to lift dad.

At the moment she is looking at a local care home, she is worried she will have to pay for the care home bill - as she is generally self funded - for any care they get.. I'm basically trying to find out if there is any funding she can access (as it is not her choice not to care for dad)..

She currently gets a carers allowence and dad gets disabled living (he's only 67)

So if anyone has any advice I'll be really greatful Image