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DSM_5 my initial thoughts - Carers UK Forum

DSM_5 my initial thoughts

All about money
hi guys and girls just been reading a few things on the dsm5, i suggest if anyone gets 30 mins to themselves than get a cup of tea, google it and read.

my summary of this is that if your caree has complained about anything the same for six months then it will be known as its in there head and theres nothing actually wrong with them. there for, dla,esa, ca,aa, are all in danger come april. we are set for some terrible times ahead. would be very interested in anyone elses thouhgts on all this.it is very very scary, no matter what illness/disabiltys our carees have, we are all effected by this.
Can you explain exactly what you mean by "DSM_5" please?
DSM5 is sort of like guide lines that catergorise illness and disabilitys and how they will be handled by professionals. its needs a real good look at as im still doing.
basically what i have been thinking is lets say. my caree has ben suffering with chronic pain for years caused by her e.d.s. well now they will say its not because of eds its because she is thinking it and beleave herself so it will be treated as a mental issue or categoriesed as an SSD sort of thing there for not in pain at all.its all a bit messed up, i would read it so you can get a bit of understanding on it then let me know your thoughts.i hope im wrong. soz its a bit rushed typing. Image
it appears to be American and appears to refer to Mental Health issues.
Perhaps if you are aware of something different,I-Carer,you could give us the web site?My husband suffers from chronic pain,as well as having other disabilities,so if this is going to be used in UK,then I would like to read about it.
Thank you.

I have found something to do with the DWP,but I am only reading that it appears to apply to people with autism?
yes is american but will effect us too. google dsm5.org.
any phisical illnss will look like now to be seen as a mental illness.
thanks, let me know your thoughts
its quite diverse depending on what illness carees have and how will be effected, dsm5 is american, it is linked to an icd11 which i beleave governs us.if anyone knows if this will effect your caree please post or check out your websites for your illess and see if they can shed some light on this.i dont wana start a panic really, just wantd to be informal about something i have seen and would hope it would be beneficial. its important i think that we now about future activities as it effects our carees and us,good to be prepaired.
Although technically the DSM is an American tool for diagnosis of psychiatric disorders, it's in common use (currently DSM IV) over here. The ICD is the World Health Organisation's equivalent and is also in common use over here. Depends on the psychologist/psychiatrist rather than any specific rules over here.

It's true that the DSM is undergoing changes and eventually the DSM 5 will be in use - it's due for publication in May. It has gone through some significant changes, I believe, but I haven't seen the details as yet.

The thing is that is has never been used for physical conditions. If a condition exists as a physical one and is recognised in other diagnostic manuals that way, it won't be a part of the DSM. So - for example - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia are both now recognised as being physical conditions and would not appear in the DSM - and people will still be diagnosed with those conditions.
thank you for the information Charles.
thanks for that.
ok, so what i am saying is when someone has a phisical illness they reconise this and say ok, now they are suggesting that anyone who has a phisical illness for more than 6 months then they will now say its a mental condition therefore could possibly come under the dsm5 guidelines, for eexamle:
my caree has eds and suffers from severe chronic pain and medicate and treat her accordingly. thats no problem now, if new reforms are in place and she says that treatments are not working and still complains about the pain after months and treatments are not working they will say ok its a mental condition now and not a phisical one. so will now be moved to another coarse of action, so if its mental it could fall under dsm5 guidelines,however if eds or chronic pain etc is not part of dsm5 then it will not be reconised and treated, meds will stop etc, god knows what else.
stop me if im wrong in my thinking.
I don't know much but found this...

Full details of all the revisions will come in May 2013 when the American Psychiatric Association's new diagnostic manual is published. The changes will affect the diagnosis and treatment of millions of children and adults worldwide, as well as medical insurance and special education services.

The aim was not to expand the number of people diagnosed with mental illness but to ensure those affected were more accurately diagnosed so they could get the most appropriate treatment, said Dr David Kupfer, the University of Pittsburgh psychiatry professor who chaired the revision committee.

http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/ ... iatric-dsm

Edited because I then found this which although directed at Americans could give others a chance to air their concerns.
http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/tur ... -disorders

This may go some way to reassure people in the UK....
How much of an impact will the DSM-5 have on care in the UK?

Despite the media hype, the revised classifications in DSM-5 will have limited impact on individuals who receive mental health care in the UK, at least in the short-term.

Psychiatrists in the UK tend to use the World Health Organisation’s International Classification of Diseases (ICD) system to diagnose mental health conditions, rather than DSM, which is used in the US.