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Carees benefits. - Carers UK Forum

Carees benefits.

All about money
Ok I know that there is a ton of information on the website but from one carer to many others can I put things a little more simply?

Can I advise ANY forum member who has to deal with the DWP or ATOS to not expect them to understand their individual circumstances? They have no interest in your personal circumstances, the little things that may mean your caree is going to have a particularly hard day..they don't want to know so do not rely on your verbal or written evidence as being good enough - it won't be. Do not rely on the "severity" of the disability either, common sense does not come into the process. They are ticking boxes, nothing more. Appeals are different but one needs to be prepared.

Please don't rest on your laurels thinking that your caree won't be touched because nobody is escaping this onslaught and no, I am most certainly not a pessimist but I am a realist.
Get as much documentation ready beforehand, don't leave it to afterwards. Forewarned is forearmed. It does not have to be from medical personnel but from anyone who has involvement with your caree and can give a fuller picture.

We can say it is disgraceful until the cows come home but that won't change a damned thing, nor will constant comparison of ones individual lot in life against another. This government will do what it wants and I am very glad that at least CUK is making a stand.

We have to make sure we are ready for this because the warnings have been there for ages (warnings, not the "we're all doomed!!" posts that some seem to delight in making) so it is our responsibility to get as ready as we can, with as much help as we can muster.

Good luck to us all x
Too true ladybird, too true.
Please don't rest on your laurels thinking that your caree won't be touched because nobody is escaping this onslaught and no, I am most certainly not a pessimist but I am a realist.
Woman after me own heart!!
as a harden harden carer of 18 years and tenacious ex welfare rights worker.....treat ALL DWP ATOS JOBCENTRE PLUS officials ...as thick thick thick ...you are so RIGHT ladybird...they do not give a monkeys about your caree's disability ....how much pain they are in ...etc. etc...some are not even qualified to give a medical opinion...and if you have a caree with a neurological disability.....you have a right to seen by an ATOS doctor with neurological qualification!! Do not assume these "health profesionals" know what they are doing..they dont!! they are a profit making company , employed by the government to dish the dirt , make c*ck ups and then place the blame on those who are " fraudulent"! Image

be ready...i am getting prepared for all this now , my OH has been in the support group ESA for 3 years now, he was diagnosed as terminal...i read that it is the max a person can be in the support group , then they are reassessed, so be it...but as he hasn't died..i know they will come up with , he is now fit for work!! lol ....
there are hidden agenda's out there in my opinion..and its all to do with saving money.

i have just given in my notice after only 3 months of trying to work and juggle caring, it ain't worked, nearly done me in , not to mention my OH. Now it back to the benefit system that is under attack , and yep.. i too would love to batter dave cam ...he is just pure evil..he is like a man possessed ...no compassion..
It wasn't us that got the country into this mess so why are we the ones who are being made to pay the price?! Our pittance of CA isn't called "work" because then they'd have to pay us the minimum wage (x168 hours that would be great!).
Agreed ladies but with your understanding, I would really like this thread to stay on the focus of getting ourselves prepared. There are organisations to help us, including CUK, and we can act and give advice to each other as to what to look out for at medicals etc.

I hope I don't offend when I say that there is a lot of time and focus wasted on how we are suffering because of the government and how it's not our fault - we all know that but while we are concentrating on that aspect (I think the CUK Facebook page shows sterling examples of this), the preparation work that needs to be done is getting overlooked and we are playing right into the hands of DWP and ATOS. While we talk about how bad it is, we are letting them get away with murder (almost literally in some cases) because they have no intention of changing anything.

Let's share what we have found that works for us personally and any other info that might be useful. We have an amazing wealth of information right here to supplement the "official" advice so let's beat the swines at their own game. Image
Sorry, didn't mean to go "off thread" but obviously you pushed my button!!!
I was once asked if I was employed as I am on C/A by an insurance company
when I went to ins the car to which I did not know so I phoned newcastle
and to my amazement I was TOLD that if you are on C/A you are classed as employed
Because you can go out and earn £100.00 PER WEEK and C/A is taxable if you read the
forms So why are we not paid the min wage as stated before it wants taking to
the European court I have said this once before on this forum somewhere
sorry ladies but this relay does annoy but it has got now that I relay could'nt
care less the goverment has taken what they can of me as I only get C/A
and Oh has her dla and the both put together we can just about live
to pay council tax and bills plus shopping and no holidays for year's