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care time allocation?

All about money
hi all, just back from the jobcentre and they have said it may be worth me claiming carers allowance for looking after my disabled dad. but he already gets direct payments and 3 carers go in a day which is paid for out of his direct payments account. he gets middle care and higher mobility dla. but ive just read u cant claim care if ur not with them, what about, banking, bills and other tasks that i attend on his behalf, phone calls made for him and all the other jobs that are behind the scenes so to speak. ive reckoned up being with him and doing things in the home is around 20 and a half hours a week but then theres his washing, shopping, banking, direct payment paperwork, bill paying and sorting his appointments out not to mention the phone calls each day to check on him. can anyone give me any advice please on whats allowed and whats not or anyone is similar circumstances and have claimed. my dads completely blind, diebetic and has TIA's daily he does need a high level of care but as i have 3 young children i'm finding it really hard juggling everything.
forgot to say the carers that go in only do 2.5 hours a day in 3 calls

my understanding of the carers allowance is that on what you say you would qualify for carers allowance. you could put a time on all the different tasks you do for him. i.e. the shopping cannot be done when you are with him, but has to be done as does the banking etc. he probably has medication to collect and drs. and hosp. appts. he has to attend. Phone calls on his behalf could be made from his house. (and we all know how long one has to hold on for somebody to answer those official calls) These are all part of caring and should be allowed in the qualifying time for carers allowance.

Why not apply, put every single thing you do for him down, and don't forget to make it the worse week senario. add them onto the 20hrs you are physically with him, and in my opinion you would qualify. why not ask the carers uk helpline for their advice. good luck.
Carers UK helpline helped me with a similar problem, and I could claim CA as a result. You can either claim anyhow, and then contact CUK if your claim is disallowed, or ring them first, entirely your choice.