Hi there
I have been with my partner over 12 months, we don't live together as I have a school age son. I have found that my role over the past few months has been more of a carer than partner. At weekends I stay at my partners and sometimes she stays at mine. I do most thing for her, dressing, cleaning, shopping etc, as my son flits back and to to his dad's. I also have MH issues, fibromyalgia and been asthmatic all my life. She has been my MH rock and me her carer. She gets enhanced PIP and ESA and I'm on UC but with the added pressure on me to commit to added UC commitments (job and or self employment search) my MH is troubling me. I don't get any carers benefits for looking after her and at the moment I'm on LCW UC due to my MH. I applied to be self employed but because of my MH and caring for my partner I'm struggling with it.
As we don't live together and I care for her nearly every day is there any benefits or help I can receive that won't effect her benefits. She has just applied for a mobility car and receives it in the next week or so, so I don't want her benefits to be effected as the car will already reduce her benefits. This keeps me awake at night thinking about what help we can get without it bothering her (as she has enough to deal with). I just want to support her as much as I can.
Thank you