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Carers UK Forum • Care home fees/ carer grant
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Care home fees/ carer grant

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2016 11:41 am
by Gaynor_1410
Hi all
I am looking at the possibility of putting dad in a care home next year as his Parkinsons deteriorates and I find helping to care for him a challenge. I live with him in his privately owned property and I moved back 10 years ago. Dad was not interested in transferring the property to me or even making any gift.
Having read all articles I can find regarding paying for care and talking to various people, I am still confused. He has savings of over £23k.
I understand we must use these savings to pay for care. There would then be a deferred payment on further costs.
A social worker told me that upon dads death I would have to sell the property to pay for any care fees. I was not protected even though it was my home as I am 57.

Since that conversation I have been told by another person working for the local authority that upons dads death, if his will allows me to inherit the property which it does, then I am not liable to pay for any care fees.
Anyone in the know on this?

Also been told by the local authority that the carer grant is now £125 for the year 2016. Is it the same for us all?
Thanks and thinking of you all in care!


Re: Care home fees/ carer grant

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2016 1:55 pm
by bowlingbun
Don't believe everything the social worker tells you!! Be sure to take specialist advice from the Carers UK helpline. There was an interesting court case last year in which the judge said the house could not be sold as it would render the daughter homeless. Don't EVER sign anything about you paying a "top up" either! I reclaimed £8,000 from the LA as they acted unlawfully with charges.

Re: Care home fees/ carer grant

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2016 2:49 pm
by Pennie
Relevant section from HM Government's "Charging for Residential Accommodation Guide" (CRAG) (full document can be downloaded from the internet - make sure that you get the version that was updated in 2014 - or there is a simpler version available as an AgeUK downloadable factsheet):

Discretion to disregard property

7.011 Where the LA considers it reasonable to do so, they can disregard the value of premises not covered in paragraphs 7.002 to 7.008 in which a third party lives. LAs will have to balance the use of this discretion with the need to ensure that residents with assets are not maintained at public expense. It may be reasonable, for example, to disregard a dwelling's value where it is the sole residence of someone who has given up their own home in order to care for the resident, or someone who is an elderly companion of the resident, particularly if they have given up their own home. These are only examples and not exhaustive. Schedule 4 paragraph 18

7.012 As with issues of deprivation, LA’s should consider the intention behind the occupation of the premises by the third party. For example, whether it was to care for the resident or whether it was in anticipation of avoiding the inclusion of the property in the financial assessment. It would only be reasonable to disregard the property in the first example. The timing of the move into the property by the third party and the prognosis of the resident at that time will also be relevant.

A close friend gives up their own home to care for the resident at a time when the need for residential care cannot be anticipated. This would be reasonable circumstances for the LA to give consideration to the exercise of discretion.

7.013 Where the LA has decided to disregard the value of a property, it is left to the LA to decide if and when to review that decision. It would be reasonable, for example, where the LA has been ignoring the value of a property because a long-term carer was living there, for the LA to begin taking account of the value of the property when the carer dies or moves out.

The same CRAG document also refers to a 12-week disregard of property for the first 12 weeks.

Re: Care home fees/ carer grant

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2016 3:06 pm
by bowlingbun
Following this, there was a court case last year which told the LA to exempt a property because a family member regarded it as "her home" even although she wasn't actually living there at the time. The Carers UK helpline should have further details.

Re: Care home fees/ carer grant

Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2016 8:36 pm
by Gaynor_1410
Thanks for your help guys. Lots of reading to do.