Care allowance back dated

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Hi all I'm 17 at college part time 16 hours. I put in a claim for care allowance on the 28 th April 2017. I told them I started careing for my gran at the beginning of Jan 2017 they still haven't given me a desision yet weather or not I can get it yet but if I do will it be back dated to Jan 2017 my gran has had he's disability benefits years but has never had a career ( sorry for poor spelling)
If you qualify it will be backdated. I'm not sure if you will be eligible, because of your age and studies.
The top hours I can do at college is 21 and you have to be over 16 to apply so I think I will just have to see thanks
Do hope it works out for you.
I'm now a pensioner, as I get my old age pension I can't have CA either, but I still do the caring!